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Kevyn Major Howard was born and raised in Canada.  After acting in high school he left for Los Angeles and the Hollywood limelight in the late 70's.

He became frustrated with LA's headshot industry and its inability to create an actor's artistic expression through their headshot. He decided to take his own picture. His headshot concept and composition was an instant hit, and he reinvented the Hollywood industry standard for today's headshot.

Kevyn's new headshot was delivered to Paramount Studios and within a half hour of delivery, he was called in and booked for his first major film roll. ('The Serial' - Martin Mull, Tuesday Weld, Sally Kellerman, Pamela Bellwood, Peter Bonerz)

This was followed by the film 'Scared Straight Another Story'. This film is still shown in high schools across the country to enable young people to realize the benefit in turning from a life of crime and instead invest in themselves for a positive future.

His career continued, giving him the opportunity to work with many A list artists.

Kevyn Major Howard's acting career includes:
Full Metal Jacket - Directed by Stanley Kubrick - Mathew Modine - Vincent D'Onofrio - Adam Baldwin - Ed O'Ross - Arliss Howard
Sudden Impact - Clint Eastwood - Sondra Locke
Alien Nation - James Caan - Mandy Patinkin - Terrence Stamp
Roadhouse 66 - Willem Dafoe - Judge Reinhold - Alan Autry
Scared Straight Another Story - Stan Shaw - William Sanderson
Death Wish 2 - Charles Bronson - Jill Ireland - Vincent Gardenia
Joe Dancer - Robert Blake
Magnum PI - Frank Sinatra - Tom Selleck
Miami Vice - Don Johnson
Off The Minesota Strip - Mare Wingingham
For Love and Honor - Keenan Wyans
Heroes of The Desert Storm - Daniel Baldwin
A-Team - George Pepard - Mr T
Trapper John MD - Parnell Roberts
240 Robert
Cagney + Lacey - Tyne Daly - Sharon Gless
Strike Force - Robert Stack - Dorian Harewood
Livers Ain't Cheap - James Russo - Rod Steiger - Gary Busey
Blue Pretender
Macgyver - Richard Dean Anderson
General Hospital
Days Of Our Lives
Serial - Sally Kellerman - Martin Mull - Pamela Bellwood - Tuesday Weld
Shattered - Kevyn Tierny
What a Country -
TLC - The Human Face - Fame - Hosted by Elizabeth Hurley & John Cleese
Discovery Channel - The Human Face - Fame - Hosted by Elizabeth Hurley & John Cleese

You can view Kevyn's TLC/Discovery interview here. The entire documentary is available for .

Kevyn Major Howard re-invented the headshot industry over the last 25 years and through his artistry singlehandedly raised the bar from mediocrity to excellence. His perseverance in attaining the brilliance of a remarkable 8x10 is unmatched. His ideal is to give the audience an experience. Look into his work and see the eyes of so many accurately, charismatically reaching back at you with the intensity it takes in becoming that working actor.

Actors need to understand that their 8x10 is not and should not be a frivolous undertaking and achievement. It is the most critical tool of your expression as an actor. Without it, you limit the opportunities of getting work. With a mediocre 8x10 you still run the risk of not getting work opportunities.

"It never ceases to amaze me how much trouble an actor takes to come to this city from far away places in hopes of becoming a major star and working actor. Yet when they arrive they start on the wrong footing by choosing a photographer who is mediocre at best. Perhaps to save money, perhaps because a friend referred them to a photographer. What silliness. This is your career and having driven so far coming to this wonderful rewarding industry put your best foot forward. Be professional and hit them hard with brilliance. Being the best you can be and hitting them hard with brilliance should be any actors standard."
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