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   Saw article in Backstage, Sept. 2003. Remember your name from when I lived in LA--Do you ever come to NYC to shoot? Mary Ann

  This is a frequent question. Many actors from New York have asked me if I could recommend someone in New York since I don't shoot there. My best answer is that I offer to discount an amount relative to a reasonable airfare price so that the actor can have pictures that really are premium in this industry. I feel it to be fair and generous that if an actor recognizes and needs my work to move their careers forward and that they have heard of me as far away as New York – the least I can do is make it available and affordable. So far this year alone approximately 50 actors from just New York alone and countless others from around the world have taken advantage of this generous offering and bettered their careers. That becomes a win for us all. 

   I just put in an order and on the retouching, I'm also wondering if it's possible to make the lips look less dry? Could someone call me about this?  Is it possible to see the work on the retouching before green lighting the prints? Thanks,  Josh
  We are a full service photography and print house. Kevyn Major Howard and Kevyn Major Howard Studios want the very best for your career. The presentation of Kevyn's work is not just his talent in shooting actors but Kevyn follows through your printing stage with a patented presentation. Kevyn's prints are being talked about worldwide. Wendy heads up our retouching and print department. We take your printing very personally and obviously want the best not only in printing but also in presentation for casting directors. We want you to be and look the best amongst six thousand 8x10's on a casting directors desk at any given time.  We go to great lengths and have designed the best quality presentation to insure you get attention at the casting level and beyond. Wendy is available for one on one retouching consultations and our prices are beyond fair and the lowest in the business. She can retouch anything within your picture, per your request. And finally, yes you are more than welcome to visit with our retouching department by appointment to view the work before green lighting.

    I have had nothing but raves about these pictures.  I just gave Kevyn's information to an entire on camera/commercial class I was in.  These are obviously helping- I am getting auditions every day. -Juliet Wendall Brown
You will find that my clients opportunities increase dramatically from retaining agents to countless more auditions to being hired usually within a month from working with me. Please take the time to review the testimonials page and learn from others why my work accelerates actors careers. Isn't the point of a headshot to make your audience want to hire you!

    My wife and I are successful NY actors and we just arrived in LA.  Our agents, Gage Group &Innovative Artists, recommend that we get "LA Headshots" and we like your portfolio.  We are wondering if you can give us a special if we both shoot with you.  Thanks,  Rene M
  Yes, I do give special discounts to those who come in with a friend, fellow actors, family members, husbands and wives as long as they shoot on the same day.

    Hi Kevyn,
Its me, Laura Pounds.  You had done my head shots almost a year ago.  I love them and get a lot of work from them, but NOW people are wanting colored head and body shots.  -Laura
 Over the last 30 years of shooting I have lead the headshot industry with new and indelible revolutions of thinking how good a headshot should be. The color side of my work, which I started a little over two years ago, has become widespread. It has always been my wish to give the casting directors, directors and producers the most accurate authentic you in 8x10 form. I have accomplished this when moving to color and the industry has graciously accepted this new style of my work with flying colors. You the actor are now in the best condition to be seen as you really are in real life and get hired from that 8x10. An 8x10 that really qualifies you as a viable product for the casting directors, directors and producers to sell to the visual audience.

    Beautiful photos!  I'd love to see what you can do for an older actor. -Jean
 If you review my website in its entirety you will see people of all ages and all races. People are people – the miracle of life itself, with their full human range complete with their charms, personality, charisma, velocity and flavors. I shoot people and I shoot people well. So whether you're young or old, you are amazing and have something to offer. I am known for showing the miracle of who you are and again that's mostly why people get hired so quickly after shooting with me. I let the audience experience the truth of you. That's the miracle. That's my talent and your talent working in tandem.

    I am not an actor or model - I am just looking for some very professional shots for my personal use and for family - and based on people I have spoken to and the shots on this site - if Kevyn can't make me look good, no one can.  I would like info on pricing and guidance on how this works (I've never done any kind of shoot like this).  Please contact me via email if possible with pricing and info.  Thank you for your time. (Referred by Colleagues at the William Morris Agency where I work)  John
You don't have to be an actor to shoot with me. I shoot people from all walks of life. Lawyers, doctors, real estate, for personal use, for the internet etc… It's a wonderful thing to just have a great picture of yourself in life that in 20 or 40 years you can look back at and just gleam on how impressive your were and are. Something you can pass on to the future generations is reason enough. To let them know whom you were when you were living on the planet Earth to me is reason enough.

    I am interested in obtaining a price list,and possibly making an appointment. Cara
 Each person has their own special requests and needs, so please make an appointment with our staff to meet with us to insure the most accurate plan for you. It's your career and it needs our attention.

 Can you tell me how much you charge for a digital shoot and what kind of camera you use please. also since there are no rolls of film how do you charge?  how do you decide when to stop?
thank you, Jeremy

Since I am shooting digital we are not restricted to how much film we shoot. I shoot plenty and then plenty more. You will have anywhere from 7 to 15 rolls of film to choose from. Also note that whilst I shoot, you have the benefit to actually see your face on the screen. That's right. See yourself as your shooting. Talk about maximum benefit.

   Dear Kevyn,
I am presently seeking a photographer to do my new headshots. I am impressed with the quality and depth of your work and am also interested in the idea of shooting color this time.
I understand that the industry has begun to come around the concept of seeing actors in the relative format in which they will work:)
At any rate, rates are what I seek.
Thank you for your efforts, time and attention.
David A.P.
Yes, I have once again taken the industry to newer levels on behalf of the actor. Showing the actor as they really are in real life in their 8x10 makes the casting directors life even easier. This has been the utmost benefit of digital and color shooting.

    I really need my shots done and I am looking for something affordable for an actress just starting out.  My friends have offered to do them before but I feel that I really need the professional touch to get picked up. What are your prices?   Nicole

Very smart thinking on your part Nicole. I have seen so many actors dream of becoming a success to relinquish their power to a friend shooting them unprofessionally that spoils their early career years. Why would we think that having a second rate headshot will make a ‘Steven Spielberg' want to hire us. Does Mr. Spielberg do second rate work… I think not. More importantly if you are about being the best, the best usually prevails. We know that from the Olympic swimmers at the Olympics. The best usually wins the gold.

My name is Shenna Rentfrow and I am a student at Hallmark Institute of Photography. We have an assignment to assist a photographer of our choice for a day. I would really enjoy assisting you some day soon if at all possible. I would be able to help you in anything you'd like me to. I would really appreciate this opportunity in getting to know your photography more. Thank you for your time,
I left this comment in on purpose. Its from other peers within my field whom praise my work that qualifies your intent on getting to know me and why I do what I do for the actors I shoot. My work stands out because I believe in giving the actor the best edge in a difficult field. I don't like that the actor is mistreated and scammed by others and left with inferior tools and so I have dedicated myself and staff to being the best. Your dream is no different than mine. I respect how hard the life and business of an actor is. We need to rise above the fray and let them know we stand ready to be the best.

    I would like to receive quotes for a headshot session and schedule an appointment if affordable.  Dorothy
I hear this comment frequently. I am befuddled by the comment because I would think a career is so valuable. Obviously I have proven affordable considering I have been shooting actors for 30 years. But quite a few actors resign themselves to how much and are concerned with the monies over the fact their career needs to move.


Frequently Asked Questions



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