This portfolio has multiple images of a person to give a better idea of what a client would see while shooting with Kevyn Major Howard. The portfolio has just about every ethnicity represented.

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John Cleese
touts Kevyn Major Howard as the "King of the Hollywood Headshot" in the Discovery Channel show "The Human Face" with co-host Elizabeth Hurley and featuring casting director Mali Finn whose credits include The Titanic, The Matrix film series, The Green Mile, Phone Booth, 8 Mile, and a film slated for 2006, presently titled "Jesse James Project" starring Brad Pitt.

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Fact: Casting directors spend nearly half a second to view a headshot during a typical casting. It is paramount that your headshot grabs the casting directors attention. By reputation, that is Kevyn's specialty.

Fact: Casting directors have been known to seek out Kevyn's signature headshots amongst the thousands to view first.

Eyes that jump off the page. Working with Kevyn Major Howard is working with the best.

Our unique design and approach put your headshots "on top of the stack" so to speak. Testimonials from our clients, speak repeatedly on how they have increased auditions and bookings within a month of shooting with Kevyn Major Howard.

Are you eccentric? Why not use that to your advantage. Hollywood is hungry for unique individuals.

Every ethnicity represented?

Whatever your ethnicity - Kevyn Major Howard brings your best face forward.
Fact: Kevyn Major Howard Studios was one of the sponsors for the film directed by Kitania Kavey.

Most reputable acting books will say if you get 2 good headshots in a photo session you have done very well. Don't believe everything you read and hear.
Shooting with Kevyn Major Howard's talent proves otherwise, all your pictures should have velocity
and here is the .

Truth and Consquences: Do you believe any advertiser would spend a $100,000 to use your current headshot for a billboard on Sunset Blvd?

If your answer is no: Kevyn Major Howard believes you are not properly representing yourself in the multi-billion dollar entertainment marketplace.

Shooting with Kevyn Major Howard Studios can shakeup the industry in your favor.

For any actor, how much work is there, really: There are 971 channels on television in the US alone,
which breaks down to 23,304 hours of television manufactured daily for airing.
There is plenty of work for everyone.

But you are going to have to convince the industry that your face is ready to be bought.

Why are we telling you this? We want you to succeed.
Success comes from being well informed and having a headshot that makes casting directors pause.

Kevyn Major Howard Studios knows your dream is realistic with the proper visual representation.

      Headshots that open doors.TM  No more excuses.      


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