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Eyes are the most important factor in telling the producer and director who you are.

Get your photo portfolio done by the best.  TLC and the Discovery Channel did a documentary on Kevyn Major Howard's photography entitled The Human Face hosted by Elizabeth Hurley and John Cleese. This two-hour program on headshot photography is a must-see for any serious actor or model in the film industry.

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Take a shortcut and you will repeat the same mistake over and over - that's an expensive way to learn. So do it right the first time. There are no shortcuts in life - especially when it comes to your career and dream.

As a photographer I respect your pursuit as an actor. I believe you should have the very best tools to maintain a healthy working career. I offer the actor a way to maximize all their possibilities when it comes to attaining the best headshot possible.

I learn what I need from an actor in front of the lens by watching his quietness - calming my client down so that I can attain their best performance - and rely on that famous saying 'less is best - more is a bore'.

Magic comes from within. It is my duty and responsibility to bring your spirit into the camera and record it on film.


Eyes are the window to the soul. Kevyn's photography captures your image and brings that 2D image to life. Your eyes tell a story to casting directors. Whatever you want to communicate, Kevyn can capture it on film with authenticity - ensuring your professional success.



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