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Please be aware that we are not expensive, quite affordable in fact AND a high percentage of our clients go to work within a month of shooting with us, which is the very reason Kevyn Major Howard was featured on the Discovery Channel show "The Human Face" hosted by John Cleese and Elizabeth Hurley.

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 "Using this headshot system, Stanley Kubrick hired me as one of the leads in Full Metal Jacket opposite Matthew Modine.  Clint Eastwood hired me as one of his co-stars in Sudden Impact.  James Caan hired me for one of the leads in Alien Nation.  I've worked with Frank Sinatra, Tom Selleck, Lawrence Fishburne, Willem Dafoe and many other "A" list talents.  Not only did I succeed with this headshot system, I reinvented the headshot industry to today's market standard.  A good percentage of my clients benefit from this system and go to work within a month of shooting with me.  Isn't that why you came to my website?  To get the tools you need to work in film.  Well, you've found me, now don't let your career pass you by." KMH

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