"Campbell" Card (fits in a #10 envelope!)

This card is designed to stand apart from the volumes of postcards being sent to agents and casting directors.  This unique card is 3.3 inches x 8 inches.  When using a standard envelope it appears as a piece of business mail and it improves the chances of the agent actually seeing your picture.  Give it a try!  
Setup, Name and Border $40
150 $60
300 $105
450 $135
600 $180
Additional Image $10

Digital Retouching

starting at 38.00 per image


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Retouching  - you be the judge.
Because of Kevyn Major Howard's work and reputation in 'getting the eyes' and the high quality of the digital photography equipment he uses, 
we ask you, the client, to pay special attention underneath the eyes and evaluate if you would prefer minor retouching to enhance your final product, your headshot.

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