There are many professions other than actors who need a better headshot or publicity photo. You may only have a few seconds to grab your customer's attention. An outstanding, professional image can be an integral part of your ability to do your business, better.

Kevyn Major Howard Studios specializes in photographing a person's face, and bringing out an individual's best authentic qualities in a professional image. If you are in a business where you use your image to convey who you are to your potential clients, you need your photo to stand out and above the rest.

Business professionals such as doctors, lawyers, writers, architects, politicians, speakers, publicists, realtors, and news people can all boost both their image and their impact in the community they serve with a better headshot or publicity photo.

There is also a great deal of competition even in the more creative businesses such as designers, fitness instructors, stylists, directors, producers, agents, sports figures and even musicians.
If you are putting your image out there, it needs to be the best. Kevyn Major Howard provides headshots that work. References available, results guaranteed.

Everyone: Kevyn Major Howard has been coined "The King of the Hollywood Headshot." His talent and skill in shooting a person's face goes well beyond the glamour and illusion of Hollywood. If you need to present yourself in a professional and authentic way to your customers and clients, Kevyn Major Howard has the expertise to rescue you from the average, boring photo to ensure your image is polished, approachable and brings forth your own unqiue character.

Authors: You have put time and effort into writing and connecting with your readers. The book jacket and inside cover is the first place a person looks to decide on whether to purchase your book or not. With the limited space, your image needs to be worth a thousand words. A photograph that conveys your charisma and reaches out to your readers can help deliver a sale. You have but a few seconds to connect with your readers--make sure your photo grabs their attention in the most postive light!

Physicians & Attorneys: Both professions have been stereotyped for being distant and impersonal. When your are presenting yourself in written work, brochures and advertisements, you need to connect to the individuals who will become your patients and clients. Don't give them the bland and cold photos of yesteryear. When Kevyn Major Howard takes your picture, he is capturing an essential part of your personality to reach out to your customers. The result of a good image can have a profound on your business, and your customer's perception of you.

Realtors: In real estate how something looks and first impressions are paramount. Don't let your image be less than your competitors. Present yourself with the same attention to detail you expect in the properties that you sell. Kevyn Major Howard has the ability to present you looking your very best, in a confident, approachable headshot that exudes success. Kevyn Major Howard will make sure your photo has that "it" factor.

Radio and TV personalities: Publicity shots are part of this business. In this digital age of endless imagery where you are being marketed in every conceivable medium, it is imperative to stand out from the crowd and have your audience take notice. Kevyn Major Howard will make your best face come forward to connect with your market. Whether you're trying to move up from a small local radion station, or already a well-known television personality, you need to be presented in the best light. Raise the bar, get the best, reap the rewards. Don't just be an industry leader in your field, look like one.

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