A Letter to the Serious Actor

Kevyn Major Howard re-invented the headshot industry over the last 25 years and through his artistry single-handedly raised the bar from mediocrity to excellence. His perserverance in attaining the brilliance of a remarkable 8X10 is unmatched. His ideal is to give the audience an experience. Look into his work and see the eyes of so many accurately, charismatically reaching back at you with the intensity it takes in becoming the working actor.

Howard says” It never ceases to amaze me how much trouble an actor takes to come to this city from far away places in hopes of  becoming a major star and a working actor. Yet when they arrive they start on the wrong footing by choosing a photographer who is mediocre at best. Perhaps to save money, perhaps because a friend referred them to a photographer. What silliness. This is your career and having driven so far coming to this wonderful rewarding industry put your best foot forward. Be professional and hit them hard with brilliance. Being the best you can be and hitting them hard with brilliance should be any actors standard.”

Kevyn's reputation has made him one of the most sought after  headshot photographers by the countries most elite talent agencies, casting directors and producers. His philosophy has remained the same over the past 30 years – be professional, be competitive and offer the actor the best ‘headshot' imaginable-all at a fair price. Another rare gem is his intention with his clients. He wants them to go to work, that is the main focus of his session. Our studio is a one-stop shop for the actor who wants to book jobs in this industry as apposed to becomimg another statistic.becoming>

If you are a SERIOUS actor. You WANT to book in now. Time just keeps on ticken.

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