I have been a writer/producer for twenty years (currently Co-Executive Producer of Fox's series "24"). My 17 year-old daughter wants to pursue an acting career. I received your name from our casting directors Debi Manwiller and Peggy Kennedy.

I have Always loved Kevyn..his talent as an actor is unsurpassed and I can tell immediately when an actor has been shot by him....he captures who they are...which is what we want to see...all casting directors want from a picture is the actor as they are with an inner strength and confidence that looks like they can act!  Those are the pics we stop and consider, not the ones where the actor is acting in the pic! 

Dori and I (Cathy) always recommend Kevyn as a first choice.
Henderson & Zuckerman Casting

Hey guys! Whats going on. I was just thinking back to when I shot with you and I had that silly b and w shot. Your photos really opened up doors....I got a commercial agent and a whole portfolio of awesome images...Im a professional model now...who knew...anyhow, I just wanted to thank you and hope you all are continuing to kick ass with the headshot biz. I work for a worldwide broadcast radio station and do promotions along with a handful of other goodies. Just finished Nascar event and shooting with whiterabbitstudio.com soon. Check out my links....and keep rockin.


John's headshots were amazing-he was so happy with the results that it left me chomping at the bit to have mine done at your studios.


Have learned the hard way that "save money" and "bad pictures" look very much alike. I look forward to shooting with you  Thanks, Aaron

My experience shooting with KMH was great. It was relaxed and professional atmosphere that felt more like being on a job than getting my headhots taken. I struggled through my first shoot, not sure what I was looking for and Kevin was very understanding, in his way (you know what I mean, Kevin!) when I asked to give it another go. Since receiving my new pictures in February, I've worked 5 jobs in just 7 weeks, winning nearly 50% of my auditions. The number of auditions did not go up, but my booking rate increased significantly. My theory? My KMH pictures are helping immensely in the deliberation phase of the audition. After I leave the room I feel confident that I am being represented as a professional that takes her job seriously, cares about her work and just happens to have a photo they can't take their eyes off of. Never before have I been told so repeatedly that I "photograph beautifully." Mix that with constantly working on my acting skills, and my booking rate has never been higher. Watch for me on Six Feet Under, My Wife and Kids, House, Weeds, and the Inside. Thank you Kevin and Staff! Giddy with work, Cindy Lu

I cannot thank you enough for your talent. I've been here for 5 years, had my headshots done numerous times and finally got it right with you! You really captured my truly quirky, crazy self! How long have I been trying to get into Sheila Manning's office? Forever! I dropped off my new headshot to her and got called in for a Mountain Dew commercial. I did stand-up a couple of weeks ago, sent out some headshots the following week. Sure enough someone from E! Entertainment saw my show and called me in to screen test to host a new show for them. Having great shots that represent who you are really make a difference. Thanks again!

I am a petite model and commercial actress looking for fabulous headshots and zed cards. My friend Matt is friends with Paul Reder and Kevin Nealon and they highly recommend Kevyn. Matt trusts their opinion and I trust Matt. They feel you are the best in your field and that I would be well taken care of. 
Thanks Again,
Julie A. Fletcher

I have shot with at least 5 different photographers, all different looks. I have tried hiring a make up artist and I have done it on my own...I can't get a good shot and I am going broke trying!! Help!!   Kerri


Hi Kevyn & Co.
Iman's photos left me speechless.  Thank you, Kevyn, for using your gift to capture my daughter's essence.  Iman had so much fun, when her grandmother saw her that evening she said she glowed....that's really what it's all about.
Thank you, again.  Kevyn is both a God-send and a blessing.

Iman's Mom

I need new shots ASAP.  Gail Max from Blue Max said your work is the final step I need to get to the next level.  Ky

The pics you took are amazing !I can't wait to shoot with you again . I just got back from the Santa Barbra Film Festival and whenever I was asked if I had any photos I couldn't wait to show off your incredible work.I was offered a development deal to record a few songs with Jeff Barry and I was thrilled to send him the hat photos(as it will be country).Tell Ladi thanks. They are talking video ect. and you better believe I will be looking for you to get me a great bio cover shot.Thank you so much !!!!!!!!!
Have a grat Day!
Shannon Gilman
Prudentail Ojai

I work at an LA Casting Directors office and see hundreds of headshots and yours stand out "heads" above the rest (yes pun intended) - Samara

Hey Kevyn...
Its Aisha Hinds...I shot with you in the end of 2003, and I must say...I had an INCREDIBLE, UNFATHOMABLE 2004!!!! There a a myriad of variables that contribute to the wonderful success of last year, but one of them is undoubtedly the flawless and fantastic work you did in shooting my headshots. Doors have flung and continue to fly open.....

I wanted to let you know that I will be in a new movie coming out on January 19, called Assault on Precinct 13 with Ethan Hawke, Laurence Fishburne, and many other great players.

Eternal Gratsi...Aisha Hinds

Just wanted to say that your work is inspirational. I've always tried to stay away from shooting headshots for people because I always thought that they had to be bland and boring. Not the case after stumbling upon your site. Not only is the talent showcased, but your work really shines through.
Great job. Keep it going.
Tim S.

Quote from Michael Levine on Kevyn Major Howard Studios  

"If there's a better photographer than Kevyn Major Howard in the entertainment industry I am unaware of him."
Michael Levine celebrity publicist

Michael Levine is the founder of Levine Communications Office, one of the most prominent entertainment Public Relations firms in the country. Premiering at its Hollywood headquarters in June of 1983, the company has since opened affiliate offices in New York (1985), London (1988) and Washington, D.C. (1995) and boasts an impressive roster of clients in all areas of the entertainment industry, including film, television, books, and special events.

Greetings from Toronto Canada.
Came across your work while searching for headshot ideas for my new photos.
Tired of the same old same old here in Toronto, it was refreshing to see a photographer that caters to the actor as opposed to their own artistic endeavour.
Thumbs up on your style and the work you have shown on your website.  I may have to schedule a one day L.A. trip to benefit from, what appears to be, the new standard in professional and effective shots.
Shane D.

Since Shooting in the Summer of 2003:   Found a manager; found new commercial representation; Co-star on 2 1/2 Men-CBS' Comedic Episodic w/ Charlie Sheen; Featured on Strong Medicine-Dramatic Episodic on Lifetime; Lead supporting role in a theatrical stage play-to-DVD entitled He Say She Say But What Does God Say; Lead Supporting role on ABC's micro mini-series entitled Dirty and Dirtierer.
Julie Dickens

Shooting with Kevyn and his team is a wonderful experience. Kevyn drilled right to the core of my character and put it into my pictures. Out of many photographers I've shot with, he's the only one who took a picture of ME and who I am, instead of shooting me dissolving into a scrim draped on a box or some other useless attempt at art. I was tired of photographers trying to express themselves instead of me. Casting directors don't care what I look like standing next a velvet curtain. They want to know who I am as a person, and that is what Kevyn gave them. A successful actor in his own right, Kevyn understands how important the headshot is to me, the actor. I've never received better response than the response to Kevyn's pictures.
My two shoots with Kevyn were fun, energetic and professional. He was always able to get me to relax and show who I am. I always felt like his first priority -- as if my shots were the ones that would make or break his studio. His staff is also incredibly friendly and professional. I can't say enough about working with them all. Kevyn has a good heart and a truly kind soul. Have Kevyn shoot your next headshot and see for yourself the difference he makes.
Cameron Wolcott Frothingham

Dear Kevyn,
I would like once again to express my sincere satisfaction with the headshots you took recently.
There is no better proof than whats in the pudding. And that dish has been terrific for me. Not only am I getting into casting offices that hasn't seen me before, I am booking those tv shows with alarming frequency, and one thought keeps coming to mind...how damn good my headshot is. It's the tool that gets me in the door and lets me take it from there. I know this because many of these casting directors come right out and say what a great shot it is.
Thanks for your continued support for my craft.
Michael Edward Rose

I sent my pictures to Wilhelmina models and they flipped when they saw my pictures. So for fun I sent my headshots with my modeling resume to lots of different soap shows. Merissa Rodriguez called me behalf of Marnie Saitta the casting director for Young And The Restless, and she wanted me to come for an 11 O'clock read in. Then about three days later a production company (Furthur Films) called me and asked if I could come in and do an audition but it was a ghost reading session. I haven't heard back from Mr.Genkinger (casting director of Desperate Housewives) but it only been seven days (“Can you believe it, I'm actually counting the days.”)

The only problem that I've Been having is trying to plan my time for the casting directors. Kev, you did keep your word with me, you said, “I'll give you my word that you'll have people calling you.”

I'm just happy that Michele convinced me to get my pictures taken, I don't know why I was so hardheaded. Kev, I think your prices are too cheap for the fact is your giving them diamonds and they're bucking about the price. You know you should tell Michele if they want to be hard headed and go some were else let them go don't try to help them, and when four months later they call you and say kev, my pictures came out bad you tell them
“You brought this upon your self, and by the way go watch my movie.” and just hang up the phone. I'm being serious, tell me what other photographer is in the same boat as one of the top-casting directors (Mali Finn). What's so crazy is I'll just say your name of were I got my pictures taken and it like the key to the city, I already know that you know that your KILLER at what you do. Anyway I hope ken,Michele,Wendy,Ladi,Nicole and every body at KMH-Headshots is all good. If you need me to give you a Testimonial please let me know, I'll put something on everybodys mind who has hesitations about working with you.

Sincerely JoJo

Excellent I had a ball !!! I JUST landed a play Thank you guys soooo much!! The pics are awesome they get rave reviews and I think more folks are gonna call you since I showed the pic....... Nadirah

Hello from Cincinnati, Just to let you know, just the other night November 12th, 2004, received a phone call from LA for Savannah. It was a recording studio interested in her for an all girl band they are putting together. She stated she saw her at Best New Talent and her song and voice were exactly what they are looking for, and ready for this, her photos were absolutely perfect and gorgeous. Stating she has the perfect look (pop/disney look) they are looking for. Of course, they were looking for 14 year olds and she just turned 12. However, they stated she has the voice and the perfect look and her photos were great to go ahead and send a tape of her singing just at home so she could show the producer and they would see if they could take her up another avenue. Heck, have to start with baby steps right? Just wanted to let you know, the recording studio loved her photo and thanks for getting us in during that cold dreary wet day lol, and for getting us the p! hotos when we needed them.
Can't wait for the other's to arrive here soon, for us to mail them out. Who would have thought that when we got back home a record company would have called?
Thanks to everyone for all their kindness.
Denise/Dwight McMullen
Parents for Savannah Sexton

I have never had a photo session like this. it was an effortless experience (and i generally do not enjoy headshot sessions) in an amazingly efficient yet utterly caring and supportive environment. kevyn is like a fine-tuned machine but with a huge heart and innate talent. he just knows how to do this. and as if getting an effective headshot (or four) from one sitting (which never happens for me) isn't enough of a reward, i booked three, yes, three jobs after my shoot with kevyn. unheard of for me. do not hesitate to choose kevyn. he is an immense talent. honestly, i could go on and on. equally amazing staff. thanks, kevyn, and everyone else there. you've just helped make my life so much easier.
anne r.

Just when I think visiting you all for the first time was special, then the actual shoot where I was pampered, made to feel right at home, could totally be myself , laughed alot and received words of wisdom from the professional actor and photographer that Kevyn is...I then get these pictures that took me forever to decide on because there were too many great ones to choose from...and then I go to pick them up and again embraced by Kevyn and his staff, coming and going with a big smile on my face...THEN came audition after audition, sometimes I couldn't even make some of them because weeks would go by where I honestly had to pick and choose...I was now building relationships with casting directors, directors and writers, being called in not once, not twice, but three times on the same show, being told my picture is one of the best they've ever seen...then I got a job, then another.  Just when I think, enough already (ha, ha, ha)...I order more pictures, drop by Kevyn's to pick them up and everyone that I previously met with from shoot  to Kevyn himself greeted me with joy and excitement...wanting to know how things are going, building my confidence up, complementing me on everything...it was like I took a brief walk on the red carpet!  I'm telling you these people care, they are genuine, professional, encouraging and each talented in their craft.  They make you want to be and do your best when you're there and when you walk out the door.  I am a mother of two boys, 6 and 2, I took a long break from acting, worried about coming back, almost ready not too, but thank God I came across a picture Kevyn took and I was like WOW...I need to meet with this photographer and well the rest is history...every actor who has a honest to goodness dream, should experience Kevyn Major Howard Photography!
Thank you Kevyn, thank you to your staff!
Debra Hopkins

Hi Kevyn,
Just wanted to let you know that I went on a print audition the other day for Bausch and Lomb Contact Lenses.  They asked me if I had a book (modeling).  I said, no, but I have pictures.  Well, they LOVED my pictures and guess what?  I just found out I booked the job!   
Just wanted to let you know....
Debra Hopkins

This is Mom (Karen) reporting for Tara. We just had the best time at the shoot. Tara told me that she has no interest in seeing any other photographer...EVER! And it's amazing...everyone who sees Tara's headshots (including her agent, casting directors and casting services) comments on how beautiful they are. Just to let you all know, within a day of sending out her new headshots, Tara was called for three jobs. And she just landed her first speaking role. Much thanks to everyone...and we'll be seeing you again soon.

Hi people! Kevyn, the headshots are working so well! I'm getting lots of activity with them...I have been getting calls for auditions (I have one this weekend) for films, and I just got cast in my first film--an indie project--that shoots in December. I don't think I would have moved so quickly without you. Thank you and bless you. You're the best.
Brian Granger

I had pictures done back in 1992.I loved Kevyn's work.I kept telling people that he brings out the eyes in all his pictures and that if I'm going to spend the money on headshots I would go for quality.I want my pictures to stand out from the rest when it comes to handing them out.I've had pictures done by others and haven't used them,because I wasn't satisfied and in the process. I know if I'm not satisfied then what casting director would be.I'm planning to get my pictures redone and am bringing a friend along to get his done also.I just hope they aren't to booked.We are coming from Dallas.
Vera Rose

To everyone at Kevyn Major Howard Studios:
Brilliant! The photos are absolutely gorgeous. I am so excited to see how my photos get me to the next level. I know that they will get me where I need to go as a professional artist.
I will keep you posted after I begin to send them out.
With the warmest heart I thank you for all of the luxury treatment I received last Monday.

Julie Dickens

hello and wow.  really, wow.  i am beyond impressed and excited. your work is truly exhilarating.  
i'm a young, newly arrived fellow and am sincerely interested in working with your team.  thanks! 

First I had headshots done in May and you guys were the best.  Every single person was very professional and extremely helpful and nice.  Kudos to a great staff.
Since I started sending out my pictures I am getting a great response towards print and modeling work.    Thanks,  Jack

I Love you Kevyn!
My pictures are so real, expressive, magnificent, akin to poetry, they attract me in, even hypnotize me! The whole experience , your talent and Professional Staff exceeded my expectations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You impressed my Dad. You are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Kevyn,
I just wanted to email you to thank you again. I am blown away by your work! I really enjoyed working with your entire staff on Monday and am struggling to choose which headshots I want to order....


See shoot by clicking on the picture

I first heard about Kevyn through a friend in the business who described him as “THE BEST around" and “different" from the others.Having had so many tedious and agonizing experiences with mediocre photographers in the past and bored with the age-old conventions permeating headshot photography in general, no one could have been more dubious than I was about believing that this person was any different from the rest. WHAT made him different? WHY this amazing reputation? and WHAT made these pictures stand apart from others?
My questions were quickly put to rest. From the moment I signed on to shoot with him, I was blown away by the competence and efficiency of his extraordinary staff of professionals and their sincere care that all my needs be met and issues addressed. The actual shoot was one of the most comfortable and enjoyable I've ever experienced. From hair and make-up to wardrobe and shooting itself, I was truly impressed and refreshed by its seamlessness.
By the end of the day, my entire session was posted online. The next morning, I viewed the pictures with a theatrical agent with whom I was previously in the preliminary stages of consideration. Within minutes of seeing Kevyn's pictures of me, I was offered a major contract with the agency. Within a week's time, I was called back for a major feature film role and a guest spot on an HBO series. The initial response and continued attention I'm receiving from these pictures is unprecedented!
Making the decision to shoot with Kevyn is one of the smartest investments I've made for my career. To call Kevyn Major Howard a “good photographer" is to truly understate his genius. He is a BRILLIANT ARTIST and his work is nothing short of remarkable. It's obvious that years of experience have given him free and expressive use of his talent and a miraculous resonance in this medium. His framing defies boundaries and convention. His ability to capture the mystery and creative essence in the eyes of each person he photographs makes them electric, gorgeous and alluring. These images jump off the page! they suffuse the ordinary.
Meeting Kevyn and witnessing first-hand his whole-hearted devotion to actors and the success of their careers is so refreshing. I've never seen anything like it! He had built and empire whose influence will continue to infilltrate the business and create a totally new harmonic in this millennium.
J.R. July 04

Dear Kevyn,
Thank you for the BEST HEADSHOTS I've ever taken in my entire career!!!! I am overwhelmed with the amount of images to choose from. I would never have been able to get through it without your warmth and positive energy. You truly have a gift of capturing the essence of people as if you were stringing a necklace from dew drops. You are magic

I had such a fun day! You guys have a way of making people feel so important. I am so happy with my pictures, every one of them! My headshots opened the door for me to meet and sign with a great personal manager, and I just signed with the Bobby Ball Agency. I recently shot a commercial for a clothing store in L.A., and it was my headshot that got me the audition! Thank you so much Kevyn, Michele, Wendy, Ken, Ladi, Nicole and Jeremy! You guys are amazing!
I will forever be grateful. I'll see you guys soon.

After three photographers I found Kevyn Major Howard and I wish he had been first. First of all hes a great guy who knows what hes doing. With kevyn being in the industry, he told me straight up what it would take to even be taken seriously as an actor in this business and a great picture is the key. Since my photoshoot with kevyn my responses have trippled and i recently booked a national Nike Commercial, got an agent, and made a friend.
Thanks Kevyn!
Bryant Cook

Over several years and five awful headshot photographers, I finally found Kevyn and his wonderful staff! I had the best experience, right from the very start! Michele, you are so professional, and probably don't get the thanks you deserve, so... Thank you, for making the entire headshot process fun. I cannot say enough about Kevyn, and the magic he creates with his work. Thanks also to Ladi and Nicole, who both made me look my very best.
For the first time, I am so proud of my headshots, and I've shown anyone and everyone who would look at them! The response has been incredible.
I now have representation -- across the board, with Malaky International. My agent, J.R., absolutely loves my pictures, and he's very excited to work with me. This is truly a turning point in my career, because I now have an agent who believes in me and fantastic pictures to submit! I believe that great things are just around the corner.
I also just updated my pictures on LA Casting, and the girl who uploaded my pictures could not believe how beautiful my headshots are! That's a great compliment coming from someone in that position. Again, thank you all at Kevyn Major Howard Studios. You are the best!
Natalie Pausch

This will be my 3rd session with Kevyn...I always love the way that the pics come out....Kevyn, I use my first "main" headshot that i took with you, on my business cards and people ALWAYS comment on it...i look forward to the new sessions and new opportunities that will blossom from this "biz Card"...hope all is well!
Yolanda Laverde (YO!)

Very good experience, very laid back and all great responses from actors, agents, and casting directors. Within 72 hours I got 2 audition calls from directing people to my shots online.
Mark Elias

Wow! How nice to get an answer I can understand and really fast too!  I am used to waiting days to hear back from people online.  KMH Studios always gets back fast and takes care of business.
Karen D.

I have been searching for a photographer that I can be positive will get me the best headshots that capture my essence and personality. Being new to this whole process, it's also reassuring to know that you have hair and makeup professionals on staff. I have spent a lot of money on another photographer and ended up not even using a single photo because none accurately portrayed me. After seeing your testimonials and pictures, I am confident that you're the photographer to use for my headshots. I would love to get in touch with someone to get further information.
Jessica W.

 I had heard about your work from Britt Chichester about a year ago. As I see the Industry gearing more and more toward Internet casting I feel the need to go color. I decided to check out your website and was very impressed and happy that I did so. One of the 1st things that I look for in a photographer is someone that can capture the eyes and sort of show a pathway to that persons soul or atleast make a Casting Director take a double take. I'm not interested in having shots that make me cute. I want shots that put me at my best, but are interesting and completely believable when I walk in the CD's office for an audition. Your work clearly does that without being too glamour. I look forward to discussing this with you at your convenience.
James A.

Hi Kevyn just wanted to say thanks man my pictures are the best. They have got me in so many doors. Hope all is well.

I live in the Dallas area, mother of three, wife of one ;-) believing in a crazy God dream.  After a "vision trip" to L.A. and meeting with several aspiring actors, then searching the web looking at the photographers they used, I am so impressed and sad that none of them have invested in using Kevyn.  The best in Dallas doesn't even compare!  WOW! 
Amy W.

I work in a casting office, and I see all these fabulous  pictures with your name on them!!!!! I would love for you to capture my moments!!!
Wendy W.

Hi Kevyn!  I just wanted you to know that after sending our the fantastic headshots you did for me, I received more than 10 offers for representation!  Everyone wents crazy over the photos you took.  It was a tough decision but I just signed with Amsel, Eisenstadt, &Frazier, and I am sure I owe this great start to your wonderful skills!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Amanda Marie  August '04

I did a workshop at AIA for casting director Craig Compobasso.  There was only one standout headshot in the bunch laid before him and sadly it wasn't mine. It was John's.  I chased him down in the parking lot and begged him to tell me who shot him. He gave me his card with your name on it. The next day on the set of CSI I was showing off John's card and a woman I befriended earlier in the day piped up that you photographed her son, and that she loved your work.  Two days in row and less than 12 hours apart.  I am sold.  Your stuff is amazing, and besides, you were in Full Metal Jacket.  Too cool.  Talk with you soon to schedule.  Anthony D.

This is truly the first time I have had an incredibly difficult time choosing from so many great photos.  What a problem to have!  I only regret that I didn't go to Kevin sooner. He and his team are perfectionists, and I am so thankful for their amazing work!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Lisa Roumain

After years of shooting with what feels like every known photographer on the planet, and never getting a shot that worked, I finally was referred to Kevyn, and I am happy to report that miracles really do happen. It might sound dramatic but that's exactly how I would describe people's reactions to my new shots. First came the print agency that had wanted to sign me 9 months ago when we met. They are one of the top agencies in town and had insisted I get shots that they all liked. For various reasons I was unable to shoot until last month. I went back to them expecting to be signed and was informed that they now had their quota of brunettes as I had waited too long. Just to be professional they decided to look at my shots, saying that was the best they could do at this time. This was before they saw the pictures. After they looked at them I got a phone call saying that although they initially weren't going to be able to take me, that my shots were so great they were going to make an exception and make room!  So I wound up being signed by them after all. Other people's reaction seems to be equally impressive, but most importantly, I finally feel excited and proud to hand over my headshot. The reason I decided on Kevyn was because every time I mentioned to someone that I might shoot with him, I would hear another story about how they or someone they knew shot with Kevyn, and it had the best decision they'd made for their career. People raving about getting called in for everything, getting representation,etc.. all stories about the shots WORKING when they had previously been people who like myself had almost given up hope that great shots were in their future. So now I can consider myself among the lucky ones who found Kevyn and am now reaping all the benefits of a great headshot.  Janna

Dear Kevyn,  THANK YOU for changing my career. It's been two weeks since I shot with you, and only one week since I began sending out my new headshots. Since then, I've been offered to sign with two talent agencies, have auditioned for a movie, TV pilot, and have booked two small movie roles. All because of my headshot. It's absolutely incredible.  How can I thank you for not only making the shoot fun, but for making me look my best and in turn jump starting my career? You're the best, absolutely, hands-down.  Best wishes to you, Michele, Ladi, Wendy and the entire gang.  - Jordanna

The people at Alexia Robinson said that you do great work and that you were highly recommended    Dyanna V

HI there Mr.Kevin,
Angelo Lobo here. I hope all is well with you.How is the good old game of golf treating you? If I am right your shooting better than before. As for myself I have been working on student films and still plugging away. I need COLOR head shots & I saw you portofolio again and MAN are YOU the MAN! Please reply when you can so we can get together. Kind Regards,  Angelo

I just wanted to say I'm really excited to be working with you again. My headshots were awesome last time, but now that my hair is longer, and I'm 2 years older, it's time to refresh. I just have one question. Is it possible to focus mainly on 3/4 shots? That has been my main comment during auditions- I LOVE the shots I'm using, but c. directors and agents say I need to show more of my body in the pics. so they can get a clear idea of my appearance. Thanks - Danielle
PS- I recommended you to Julien F,  and his pictures turned out GREAT!! You are the best.

Hi! I made the big move out here from Bronx, New York with my headshot, resume and full steam to make my career goals a reality:)...  Recently meet with Mike Eisenstadt and he advised me that my headshot needs to be POPPIN! He recommended you... from what I see, I'm already a happy girl! :)  Lily A

I love Michael Taggart's shots - very impressive   Isabel Arias

I love the time and care you put into your photos.  I need new picture badly my headshots now look like a high school year book photo.  Please contact me so I can make an appointment.  Thanks!  Dawn

I saw what you did for me friend mary and i could not believe how well you were able to capture here.  I was so incredulous when she told me about here shoot, becuse everybody thinks their fotographer is the best. But you are really something...  My agent wants me to get new head shots and I am shopping around.  I have not been able to find someone that can really capture my essence.  Hope to hear from you soon.   John R

Well, How many times can I say thank you???? Sarah's headshots are fantastic!!! Our manager in NYC saw both the b&w and the color and she told me "Bring on the color, NYC is about to change" Every single person who has seen Sarah's headshot has been blown away. When we come back to LA, I'll be sure to have my son's and my husband's headshots done with you. I'm running out of biz cards 'cuz I'm giving them away like candy. Everyone wants to know how to find you, so I finally put up at post at my daughter's site for you. Thanks again, and I'll be making an order for more pics before we leave for NYC. Thank you thank you thank you!!! All the best and we'll keep you posted. Melissa C

I'm an Executive Producer with 20 years of experience, currently looking into the possibilities of making it in L.A.  I thought an interesting way of getting people to remember me, was to get pictures made, that might show my crazy & humourous side in an otherwise very stern face. I was intrigued by the portrait of you in "The Human Face" and your ability to use your natural garage-light...    Best Regards    Morten

My name is Gina Pero, I met you through Roger Francis shooting "Hollywood Nights."  Since then I have been very very busy but I have not forgotten about you and your talent.  I am interested in getting my pictures done very soon and I wanted to know if you could do them and how much etc.  You had said you would shoot me and I was very honored.  I saw your web sight and I commend you on all of your success.  Your work is absolutely terrific.  I would love to set something up with you and your amazing talent.  I hope you remember me!  Take care and I look forward to hearing from you.  Thanks Kevyn.   Gina P

NAME: Pierre Rivera
SHOOT DATE: 4/18/04
EXPERIENCE: The shoot went really well. The pictures looked like me, the lighting was amazing, and I got tons of pictures I can use. Having seen other photographers' pricing structures and pictures, Kevyn is definitely a great deal. So many pictures, different looks, different outfits. Kevyn really stands head and shoulders above other photographers...   I'll definitely shoot with Kevyn again! 

Saw a friend's shots that you did and thought they were great...looking to update my own shots, so I'm doing some research - I like your stuff, so I'll be calling!  thx, sgh

Your photography is both beautiful and real, and the quality of your work speaks for itself. But even more impressive to me are the countless glowing reviews I've heard and read from actors, models, agents, managers, casting directors and others in the know. It's obvious that your dynamic approach, and in turn actors and models who shoot with you, are working!   Anthony C

I am looking for actor headshots.  You are fabulous!!   sue

NAME: Jeff Ellingson
SHOOT DATE: March 30
EXPERIENCE: I had so much fun shooting!  Everyone was amazing.  My agent was freaking out when she saw the proofs!  These are my best headshots ever.  I hope no one shoots with KMH because then I'll get all the auditions and everyone at KMH will call me to hang out because they're lonely.

Hi!  I was looking for headshot photographers and came across your site.  I have taken headshots in Chicago, as that is where I work, however my agency says that I look prettier in real life and my pictures do not show how hip and cute I am, whatever that means.  I am gradually transitiong to LA by the end of the year and trying to get headshots that will satisfy my LA agency.  I would like to fly out to LA for a photo shoot with kevyn.   Thank you,   Susan

I am an aspiring Actress who would like to very much get started in the movie buisness, I had headshots done about a week ago and they are alright. But what I really wanted was for my shots to look like the ones on your website, they are outstanding. Please take my inquiry and please be in contact, I live in the San Francisco area and would love to come down for you to do my new headshots.  I hope to hear from you very soon!  Marie

I love my pictures...they are exactly what I was looking for......I have been wasting my time at other photographers and am glad I finally found someone who could photograph the real me.  Thanks so much.   Shawna

I love how you put the face and eyes at the center of photo giving it a humbler more homey look and feeling. I have not ever had a professional headshot to send to agents or auditions, and am very interested in your work.   Lisa W

I can't express how happy and impressed I am with the job you did on these headshots. They look INCREDIBLE and REAL, not touched up. Please go ahead and print these. Can I have the retouched photos on my CD instead of the raw ones? Or can they be included? Please let me know. Thank you so much for the hard work.  Steven Allerick

I am an actor located in San Francisco and would like to have my headshot done by Kevyn. What would be he's availability (specific days) so I can check on flight schedule down to L.A. I also would like to have an idea of price.  Thank you, Marcio

Hello there, I was looking at your work presented here on this web site and I am stunned... I run a really small design studio in Croatia (far enough) and was wondering about which camera and lens us used for shots presented in portfolio. I would be really grateful if You would be so kind to tell me how did you achieve this skin tone, what kind a lighting did You use ? Thanks.  Marko B.

Ok...So I'm blown away by the headshots that you have on your website. "Stunning". I also read through your comments and agree that the eyes are "it", and you consistently capture them like no other I've seen. My name is J LaRose, and I'm an actor based in Orlando FL.  I try to get to LA every few months (trying to expand to the west coast, seeing as how there is very little work in Florida) I wanted to check out your headshot session prices. I currently have a headshot, and I like it, but based on the ones I've seen on your site, it got me to thinking that maybe my headshot could be better. I would like your opinion. Thanks...J

A friend of mine shot with you and I have been identifying your trademark photos at my agency and on casting calls.  I like your work and now that pilot season is winding down I am thinking of how to market myself when things pick up again.  -Brent

After checking out your portfolio, I can truly say that I haven't seen anything else like it in my search.  I really like your style.  You have a lot of depth.  Its looks like the pause screen of a close-up in a movie.  I will be updating my headshots again soon but I'm worried that I may not be able to afford it here given the quality.  I would really like to bring my business here.  Thanks.  Chris F.

Hi Kevyn,
I'm interested in getting headshots done for acting/hosting.  You shot amazing photographs for Mark Ellis, and I would love to have you shoot headshots for me.  Thanks!  Carrie Ainsworth

Kevyn, Interested in you doing new headshots for me.  Need to know the price for digital.  Even though I am in Tennessee, I will fly to LA for the shoot.  Thanks,  Chris L.

I live in Las Vegas, Nevada and it's pretty hard for me to get to California on a regular basis.  If possible, I would love a list of the prices for headshots. Thank you! Crissy

Kevyn, I'm a beginning professional photographer. I found your website while doing some research online. I find the simplicity and beAuty of your work amazing. I would appreciate any tips or suggestions you may have for an aspiring high quality photographer. Thank you.  Sincerely, Jolanta B.   Aberdeen, SD

Your images are beautiful and the possibility of having a headshot done by Mr. Howard is one giveaway I couldn't pass up.  I admire your art!  Best Regards, Andrea E.

The pictures that Kevyn does are excellent. I would like my headshots and portfolio done by him...  Jennifer W.

I am in great need of good headshots.  I have recently moved to LA from Wisconsin.  I am basically just entering the business.  I was struck by the way you capture intensity in your portraits.  I was especially fascinated with your ability to make the eyes of your particular subject the window to their soul.  I do believe this could be the perfect headshot style for me.   Thanks, Shawna

HI Kevyn.  My name is Charnetta A. and I 'm 39 years old. I would like to know how much you charge to shoot an 8x10 headshot. I am so impressed by your work it kind of scares me to ask about your charges... Needless to say, I live in Columbus,Ohio and I would have to travel just to get to you... I hope to hear from you soon , because I'm very serious about modeling/and acting soon. I feel that my potential is there I just need some honest guidance.  Thank You for your time. Sincerely , Charnetta A.

I saw contact sheets of one of the actresses on the set today.  I think her name was Leslie.  Anyhow, they were awesome.  I was extremely impressed.  Please contact me with prices and availability.  I will be out of town for a few weeks, but am excited to shoot when I get back.  Thank you for your time.  Jane S.

I am interested in a photo shoot for new headshots and possibly a few pics for a zed card.  I was referred by a friend and very impressed by the quality of the portfolio pictures.  I'm new to town and don't want to waste time out here!!  I would appreciate any info and pricing and availability.  thanks!  JoAnna M.

Gorgeous photos!  I'm in my mid-forties (SAG/AFTRA/AEA) need an agent, and a great photo. Judging by your shots, your hair and makeup staff are also superb.  Jeanette

Simon & Schuster is publishing my novel and I need a photo for the book jacket.  I also need a publicity photo ASAP and made the mistake of setting something up for tomorrow morning, Wednesday, March 24, before doing a last-minute gut check and finding your website.  Your photos are terrific and exude just the intensity and intelligence I thought I had until I booked this other shoot.  If by any chance you get this in time and we can set something up this week -- very last minute, I know -- please reply.  Otherwise, I suppose I'll have to live with my mistake for a few months and hope my publisher doesn't distribute this first photo too widely.  Thanks.  TG

I really admire your work.  You manage to achieve an artistic quality to all of your photos that most photographers only manage in black and white.  I am interested in having some portrait work done.  Until now, I have avoided the camera, but I have been asked for some photos and am anxious to have the work done.  Thank you in advance for your response to this query.

I'm not an aspiring actor per se.  However, I just turned thirty and I'm the kind of guy who only wants top quality.  I've been seeing some of the so called head shots junk on other sights.  This is the only one that caught my eye.  I am however in the "industry" and a USC film school grad.  So I know when someone has an eye.  I'd like to inquire about getting some shots done that are totally professional and completely maximize my features.  Thank you.  Christopher L.

...THE BEST HEADSHOTS! I saw some of your work Mr. Howard and am impressed. please contact me, ....thank you for your time! Roro

Hi Kevyn,
Thanks so much for such a wonderful experience shooting last weekend.  It
was really a pleasure meeting you and working with you.
Needless to say I "love" my pictures, everyone is raving about them.  For
the first time in a long while I'm really feeling excited about my career,
thanks to you!
I look forward to shooting with you again soon...  Smiles,  Kimberly

After YEARS of spending countless amounts of money trying to get one great headshot I finally found Kevyn and now I have so many"great headshots" to choose from that I don't know how I'll pick just one! I was sent to Kevin by my print agency and as soon as I decided to shoot with him I kept encountering people who had either shot with him themselves or had seen his work. What blew me away was that I kept hearing almost the exact same comment: My pictures get me work! Everyone I spoke with said that since shooting with Kevin their nightmare of not getting the right auditions, agents and all other headshot related needs was over. Doors literally opened because of their picture. I was amazed by this and excited to see what I would get out of it. I am thrilled to report that this is the first time in my life that I have loved my shots! I also shot my Zed card as well and I am blown away by what Kevin was able to capture! He is amazing -- janna g

You are very talented.I know you have that photographers magic .Looking at your samples web page and presentation..I would have my photos done by you,,,and I am also a pro- photographer .Great work!!   Robert Stamenov-Toronto

Hey there, I am the head of the commercial dept. here at TalentWorks, (formerly Gold Liedtke), You have shot a lot of our clients recently and I love their pics!! 
Jarrod Iversen
c/o Talentworks

Your headshots are some of the best I have seen, I need new ones...  Stephanie V.

I have not seen any of the specials featuring you... but I did over hear an actress say that you did the best work that she has ever seen.  I am in need of some new shots.  Joe L.

Hi Mr. Howard,
Like so many people in this town, I need a great headshot. I liked your website very much, and you seem to have a great deal of respect for the trust which your clients invest in you. I would love to schedule a session with you in the near future! Thank you for your time!  -Stephanie S.

Kevyn, I stumble upon your website the other day, and I wanted to say very, very nice photos. I'm Jerome Gibson from Indianapolis, Indiana. I have rekindled my passion in photography I truly enjoy weddings my background in photo journalism makes a very good match for me. I especially like headshots and thats how I stumbled upon your site. I was wondering on your photos I can't tell how you light the models, also the chair is a fantastic prop, I never would have thought of that, which excuse me but I am going to use it.
It looks like your in a giant loft or something, can I ask what lens do you use and I can assume your using a Nikon? It looks like it. Thanks and I just wanted to say your photos are just excellent,  Jerome G  -- Photographer

I'm looking for a photographer to do my modeling Zed cards. I've heard very good things about me and from what I've seen, I love your photography... Thanks a lot!!  Kelsey S.

I just saw my roomate's, Fernanda Kelly, pics she had taken with you guys, and I loved them! I need to get mine.  Hernan G.

I stumbled across your website and was amazed at your images! After going through every link and watching the video I searched for other headshot photographers and no one matched up...  Lauren L.

Looking to possible update my headshots and heard that you were the BEST...  Amber D.

Here's a story inspired by your photo of ....  Joe
It has been observed that we can recognize five thousand faces. I suspect that assumes that the faces have not been altered by Botox, the surgeon's knife, or any age defying procedure. I recently looked at a series of my passport photos at ten year intervals for forty years. I must confess that I was hard pressed to recognize myself in my early twenties. Was that me? Who was I back then? What was I thinking? I have read letters and poems I wrote back then. The pulse of the thoughts and cadence of my emotions seem to be the only unbroken thread between me now and then. A professional photograph happened to notice my St. Bernard "Harley" in the car and was moved to capture his photograph. Harley is a very senior dog now, yet his beauty beams as profoundly as his puppy photos. However, the enduring continuity is his gentle loving kindness. I think the expression, "beauty is only skin deep" is flawed. In this season of self-reflection, I feel compelled to resuscitate the gift of discerning the beauty beneath the skin, the beauty that endures.

Hi Kevyn my name is Greg Wingert, and I just recently was offered a contract by Bobby Ball for modeling. However my real passion is acting, and I believe that I need some new shots taken. I was really impressed when looking at your work...  Greg W.

Hi! I got my headshots done with you about 4 years ago and they instantly started working. I quit acting for a while and now am looking to get back into it. I would love to shoot with you again.  I am interested in doing color.  Jennifer V.

Wish more photographers had similar narrow focus and obvious passion for what they do!
Keep Shooting,  Al

Dear Kevyn, 
Hello,hope all is well. This is Nicholas Lopez and I just wanted to send a great big thank you for taking such great pictures of me. I am really happy with the work and my mom thinks the pictures turned out perfect. I am looking forward to having the opportunity to have you shoot my pictures again.Thanks again God Bless, and have a great day

Angelo tells me you are the best! Please contact me to discuss having my headshots taken with you.  Thanks!  Jordanna D.

I am photographer in the Central Florida area. I really admire the "life" behind your work.  Lori S.

Kevyn - "Within minutes of my first shot, I knew these pictures were the best I've ever had!  Thanks Kevyn!!!!."  Holly Lewis

Dear Mr. Howard,
You are an amazing photographer!  You captured the true essence ( and more ) of my Husband.  There were several prints that just brought me to tears because I was so overwhelmed with joy.
I think that you are the "Ansel Adams" of Hollywood.  Who a person is, wants to be, or can become comes to life on the emulsion of your film.
Thank you!  You shall forever be remembered in our family.....Emily Robinson (Atticus Cain's Wife.)

I've seen a lot of headshots, and you can always tell when someone has shot with you, you have a way of capturing the true personality of a person...    April C.

SHOOT DATE: Saturday, February 7, 2004
EXPERIENCE:    First of all, I am emailing my testimonial again just in case you didn't get the first one.  My experience has been nothing but superbness from the moment I met Kevyn, and Michele.  Also, thanks Nicole for making me look like me.  You are a brilliant makeup artist. I was pleased with the way things flowed. After my photo shoot, I have not been the same.  For example, I am thrilled to know that I have good tools that represent me.  I now have photos that look exactly like me, and pictures that really talk.  I really wish that I met Kevyn earlier because I would have saved a lot of money from being ripped off by "so called"photographers.  The only thing they were concerned with was getting my money up front, and not caring that the photos were crap!  It took going through five photo shoots before I got to Kevyn.  The ironic thing is that the photographers spent most of the time telling me what to do in the shoot, and Kevyn didn't tell me anything.  Kevyn just!
worked the "heck" out of the camera!  He silently worked, and I was just me.  During the photo shoot, Kevyn showed me the shots, and I was totally "floored"!  Going from headshots that looked like another person to pictures that looked like me was mind blowing!  I felt like a kid at Christmas time! I was sooooo satisfied!  I am thankful to God for blessing me to cross paths with such a brilliant photographer!  I am confident that I will get calls.  It has only been a week, and two days since my shoot, and I have already gotten my prints, and given my agent my photos.  I can't wait for calls to start coming in for me to audition. What a great way to start out the New Year!  Hunter Greene

SHOOT DATE: September?
EXPERIENCE: I loved every minute of my shoot! It was so nice not to worry about hair, makeup, clothes, and posing! Kevyn and his have had all the work!
Since I have had my shoot, I have landed an agent because he loved my headshots so much! Laura Mattox

Hi Kevyn!
I am still in Thailand( i get back on friday) but I wanted to let you know that I just posted my testimonial on your website. I am so unbelievably happy with all of my shots(2/29)!! Everyone who has seen them agrees that they are by far and away the best shots i've ever had taken and i've certainly had my share! Anyway, I cannot thank you enough for how great my pictures turned out and I really had fun working with you! I hope all is well and I will hopefully talk to you soon!

SHOOT DATE: 12/9/03
EXPERIENCE: I had a great experience! Kevyn is so good at what he does. Everyone made me look great too, both Lani &Nicole. I'm so happy with my pictures, and can't wait to see what happens. Everyone was so great, thank you! I'll let you know when I work. THANK YOU!  Christina Cellini

I saw Stephanie's pictures and they look great! She suggested I get in touch with you so I am.  Phil H.

I just wanted to drop a line to you.Everyone is just loving my headshots.  Sonni Stommel

Hi guys. thanks for the photos,   this has been the best photo session my daughter has ever had.  laura.

Hello Kevyn,
I'm looking to get headshots from the best. Can I set up an appointment. Should we have a consultation. And need to know prices. Look forward to hearing from you. thanx. Patrick H.

Just got an agent and need color digital shots. Absolutely love your website. Need you ASAP!!!!!   Christine J

Hi Kevyn,
Thank you once again for getting mein and taking such great photos.  Everyone was impressed and I have gotten a lot of interest because of them.  I've been promised a couple nice film gigs recently, but the pay is deferred, so I'm contacting friends, such as yourself, to see if anyone can refer a commercial print agent/casting director to me.  I'm in a super pinch right now financially and could very much use the work.  If you have suggestions, I'd very much appreciate it. Thank you.  Camie

Kevyn: Your work is spectacular!!! I am sooo impressed. I need new Headshots. I am interested in working with you.
Thanks - Suzanne O

I am currently seeking a headshot photographer and was extremely impressed by Taylor and Travis's shots. Lise B

I am Bridget's Mom and I loved your work. Bridget is with Bobby Ball Agency and they want color headshots. We have put money out for B and W photos and now they want color. We are in need of pictures as soon as we can get them. We would like to know your prices and how soon you could shoot.
Thanks for your time, Vicki D

I have two children that I've been wanting to get headshots for...and discovered your webpage by accident while searching on Discovery Channel website!  Please inform me on how to get started.  Thank you.  Monica C

Hi Kevyn,

I'm new to L.A. -just got into town from New York.  I'm an actress who needs a great headshot and Zed card as well.  I would like to do it all at the same time preferably.  Jenny at KSA wants to work with me and said you were a great photographer to do everything.  Let me know if you have special rates for those of us who want it all.   Thanks,  Laura

I have been search around for quality color shots and did not find any that I liked, until yours.  Something about your pictures are spellbinding.  I am extremely interested in shooting with you and would like info on prices.  Christian K

The moment I saw your work on that Discovery Channel special I knew that I found exactly what I was looking for in a headshot! YoselL.

I love your headshot gallery. I have heard so much about you and I would love to shoot with you some day. Maybe I will be the lucky 48thinquiry. Maybe I should send to you 48 times!!! I hope to hear from you.  Jackie F.

I am very interesting in setting up a shoot with you.  Can you email me pricing for your shoots.  I think your work is incredible and you captivate the best features in your models.  Allison B.

I would like information for headshot sessions for teenagers.  I am an acting teacher who has many clients I would like to refer.    Rosalind A.

Using not only effortless artistic vision and cutting edge technology,KMH provided me with far more than I expected. I could go on about the pictures, but they speak for themselves. I believe it was all of the people involved with taking them that made the difference. Thanks to all of you for such a great experience. I'll recommend you highly.  Peace -Mark Mahon

would not have the money right this minute,, but i love the photos best I've seen,, just giving it a shot for the 48th.. thanks   josh p

Hello Kevyn,
first of all, just a wonderful work. Really nice headshots. My name is Dayan Kodua. I am an actress and model from Germany and I am coming to Los Angeles in April. I would really want you to make my headshot, because I feel you are very professional and you will know how to bring out the best out of me. Please let me know how much it will cost me and if it is possible to meet you.  You will find information about me on www.dayan-k.de
Thank you very much in advance and I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Greetings from Germany,  Dayan Kodua

I've gone to two other photographers who claimed to specialize in headshots. Both did terrible jobs. I did not view the first's work before my shoot, and the result was bad lighting and awkward poses. The second had a great website with beautiful pictures, but when the time came for my shoot, he made me so uncomfortable. And the pictures show all of that discomfort. So I have been stuck with bad pictures I'm embarrassed to submit.

I found your website from a Google.com search and was very pleased when I saw your work. I would love to get more information. Thank you very much for your time! Jamie G.

Hi Kevyn, I love your site, and love your portfolio. I am amazed at how everyone's eyes just pop out of the shots,and how beautiful the colors are (not to mention the skin, regardless of age - wow)...

If there's abetter photographer than Kevyn Major Howard in the entertainment industry I am unaware of him....Michael Levine celebrity publicist ()

Photo shoot Saturday, February 7, 2004
Afternoon Kevyn.  I am still feeling good from my photo shoot!!!!  I am really blessed to have crossed paths with you,and Michele.  First of all, I want to tell you that I was so excited to finally have photos that looked alive!  The photos really talk!  My family, and friends were impressed!  Right after the shoot on Saturday, I called my agent to tell her that she would be able to view my photo shoot on the web.  My agent was very excited!  I am sure that her mouth hit the floor when she saw the photos!  Anyway, thank you!  Also, I want to say thank you to Nicole for making me look like me, and thank you to Michele for being such a breath of fresh air.  I can't wait to start sending my photos out!!  I am more than sure to get calls!  Talk to you later!  Take Care!  Peace! 

I am amazed at how much you capture the essence of someone. So far I have done 3 photo shoots trying to get the right headshot, but no luck. I would love to meet you to see if we can set up a shoot. Thinking you can capture me, my true essence.  Jamie D

My daughter Sarah and my Husband Ed Hyland are in from NYC and need color headshots for commercial work. You come highly recommended by Cuzzins management who have at least 4 clients who have used you. I viewed those headshots and was completely impressed with your work. One of those clients is Jonathan Tipton Meyers. Sarah is 13 with huge green eyes and curly light brown hair. I'd love to have you capture her soul. My husband Ed has wonderful blue eyes and needs a dynamite shot to show off his intensity. Please call me to set up an appointment ASAP   Sarah H

Love your portfolio. Love your words. Love the idea of having a head shot that lets my spirit shine. Love the idea of having a head shot that is actually a tool in my career not just a pretty picture. Thanks!  Kelly M

I really love your web site!!  I think your pictures are fantastic.  I have recently relocated to LA from NYC and my agent wants me to have new color headshots.  I would love to learn more about your and your work - would really like to set up a consultation.  I think your pictures are fantastic.  Can't wait to chat.  Thank you!!  Lindsay R

Pictures are an actors overhead and if you want to work they damn well better be good It's your main expense so don't go for cheap, go for the best Assuming there are no accidents; I was "led" to kevyn Major Howard. How do you define an intangible, I don't know, but Kevyn, without saying a word, gives you the courage to be the person you are, and you see it in his pictures.   Sincerely,  Paul Lukather

SHOOT DATE: Thursday, January 22, 2004
EXPERIENCE:  Kevyn made the whole process painless and pleasant.  After the first few pictures he took I looked at the monitor and realized that I already got the best portraits I have ever had.  In a situation like that, it is very easy to relax and just be yourself.  It is now only an experiment with different clothes and colors. After each change, I could instantly check the results on the screen - needless to say that I was very pleased with each one.Kevyn was able to capture my personality and transfer it onto an image.  It is me. And I look great. What else do I want from a headshot?
These headshots will get me the right auditions.
Thank you Kevyn, you are a true artist.  Cordially,  Alexander Leeb

Please let me know if it's possible to schedule a time with Kevyn some saturday in the near future. i'm totally convinced that he shoots the best work in la.  regards,sam

Hi Kevyn, your online portfolio is incredible.   Christina

Hi Kevyn, I've had a couple friends get their shots from you and I love your work. I actually met you when my roommate was picking up his shots from you and you took a couple of shots with me when you first got your digital camera. I'd like to meet with you asap to set up a shoot. Thanks, Alan B

I am not an actor or model - I am just looking for some very professional shots for my personal use and for family - and based on people I have spoken to and the shots on this site - if Kevyn can't make me look good, no one can.  I would like info on pricing and guidance on how this works (I've never done any kind of shoot like this).  Please contact me via email if possible with pricing and info.  Thank you for your time. (Referred by Colleagues at the William Morris Agency where I work) 

My bud Shawn who has been with a couple of agents,including William Morris spoke of you and think you're the way to go for my future.  I would love to sit down and chat.  Ellery

Your online portfolio is terrific. Would like to be able to recommend you to our talent. Could you please call me to discuss this at you convenience.
Also, the Lane Agency is seeking male and female models, ages 18-30, for non-exclusive representation. If any of your clients are interested could you please have them visit our website, www.laneagency.com , to learn more.  Thanks,
Alan Siskind

Hello Kevyn,
I was really impressed with your Discovery Channel episode. I dig your style and how you work. My current headshots are not up par and I am in search for the right photographer for new ones. Please give me a call or e-mail when you have a chance. Have a great day!  --Jesse

I love your work! I've done many headshot shoots,but my agent, Jerry Pace says that no one has captured me correctly yet. I am very interested in shooting with you asap. Hope to hear from you soon.  Jennifer Lopes

I had grown accustomed to flinching each time I handed my dull, lifeless litho to someone of importance in the industry.  "Please believe that I am more than this picture", was my hopeless prayer.  Another headshot session, another Ramen Noodle month to compensate for the financial setback.  Countless stacks of unused headshots (or "Dead shots" as I call them) and unflattering contact sheets leering at me from my desk drawers.  The amount of paper shamelessly wasted to produce my collective lot of unrevealing,two-dimensional, technically inferior, thoroughly uninspiring photographs could have saved several Rain-forests in Brazil. And for all of my troubles, one failed mass mailing after another...

That's where Kevyn Major Howard, part Superhero,part Photographic Messiah enters the picture.  A glowing word of mouth referral prompts me to look him up on the internet. The first thing that strikes you on the website is the Stormy red Nebula that glows atop the page, invoking the feeling that you've jaunted into deep space. Then the images....striking, hypnotic eyes that mesmerize...intimate,emotional artistry that makes the subject appear electric with life.Daringly beautiful, sometimes powerfully haunting, the site looks like an interstellar archive designed in the year 2314.  This work could not come from this planet,  I skeptically think to myself.  Perhaps in his quadrant of space and time there are headshots that breathe, that actually capture the essence of the person being photographed, but on this planet I have seen no evidence of such work.  Each photo you look at...the eyes...the eyes...my god, they penetrate past the screen and they seem to be connecting with yours...

Don't all photographers perform this chicanery,though?  Lure you in with their best work, only to let you down when the contact sheet comes back.  Not this photographer...  I went with my wife to meet Kevyn and immediately we were taken aback by his congenial, completely unpretentious manner.  From the moment our conversation began, all he talked about was the art.  He explained the psychology behind his methods, the innovations that he developed, and it started to become clear how this man had transformed the medium and ascended to the top of it in the last 15 years.   He showed us some examples of his portfolio and I realized that he didn't merely put his best foot forward on the website like other pretenders--every session he books has that same magic!  And oh, by the way, Kevyn has an acting resume that would make any aspiring thespian start salivating.  This guy was Private f*#!@ Rafterman in Full Metal Jacket for god's sake.  When a guy can drop names like Kubrick and Eastwood casually in a sentence, you start to pay real close attention to what he's saying.  

Not once did the issue of money creep up (as it so often does in this town) and after a thorough review of Kevyn's work and his available technology, money was no longer the issue.  If he had told me it would cost $100,000, I would have immediately begun seeking clinics to donate my kidneys, or other saleable organs. 

You can't discuss the brilliance of Kevyn's studio and website without mentioning his equally gracious and gifted cohort, Ken Horkavy.  The two of them have built a state-of-the-art photography center that is probably 5-10 years ahead of the rest of the field. Dealing with Kevyn and Ken is like running the floor with Magic and Kareem, or batting between Ruth and Gehrig.  They complement each other so damn well, the resulting synergy makes me wonder if they are twin halves of some uber-photographic entity of higher intelligence developed in the future and sent to our time to aid humanity in its quest for superior headshots (the noblest of causes in this actor's mind). The website they have put together for actors has been designed so efficiently that I honestly can't offer improvements of any sort. 

All excessive (but entirely deserved) flattery aside, what Kevyn offers is the professional actor's dream. Multi-media capabilities, the best headshots in the free world, and a site hosted and developed by two guys who know their sh*! inside and out. And if you don't believe me regarding the impact of Kevyn's work in this industry, you can ask the Agent that called us in (and signed us) based on the quality of the shots.  Three years of little or no response from Deadshots, and within two weeks of a session with the Major, I've got an agent.  Coincidence or simply photographs that carry life in them...you be the judge.     Keith and Juliana Birkfeld

Awesome works. I am quite impressed. Very much looking forward to work with you.  Kai

Pursuing acting career. Need Great Headshots. This seems to be the place... Thanks.  Eric

My name is Shenna and I am a student at Hallmark Institute of Photography. We have an assignment to assist a photographer of our choice for a day. I would really enjoy assisting you some day soon if at all possible. I would be able to help you in anything you'd like me to. I would really appreciate this opportunity in getting to know your photography more. Thank you for your time,  Shenna

Dear Kevyn,
I am presently seeking a photographer to do my new headshots. I am impressed with the quality and depth of your work and am also interested in the idea of shooting color this time.
I understand that the industry has begun to come around the concept of seeing actors in the relative format in which they will work:)
Thank you for your efforts, time and attention.  Regards,  David A.P.

My wife and I are successful NY actors and we just arrived in LA.  Our agents, Gage Group &Innovative Artists,recommend that we get "LA Headshots" and we like your portfolio.  We are wondering if you can give us a special if we both shoot with you.   Thanks, Rene M

I am also a new kid from Houston.  I have spent over $1,000 on headshots, changing them and getting new ones every time I get a new agent or a new, hot LA instructor says I need a new one.  Now I am told that to stand out you need not look directly into the camera. but to look away and say something with your eyes in a scene.  I spoke to Elda and saw your site and Hell, they are the best I have seen in a awhile.  I would like to come in for new shots.  I will show your pics to my agents and instructors.   Jerald

I am a recent graduate of the American Academy of dramatic Arts in Manhattan and would love to have my headshots done the right way... with Kevyn!  |Jennifer P

I forgot to ask you if there were any specific agents at Kazarian-Spencer that I should focus on sending to.  I thought I would just send to Cynthia and see what happens.  Anyway, I really want to Thank You for your work.  It makes such a difference, and I can't tell you how pleased I am. Thank You again, and I'll see you on Monday when I pick up my cards and other headshot.  Hope your day is going well. Jimmy

I've been narrowing the field for headshot photographers and every shot you've presented is "all about the eyes". If you can catch them there, the rest is easy. Please send me more info. Thank you.
Peter S

I talked with Michelle, who, FYI, is terrific over the phone.  My husband knew about you because we bought a copy of the John Cleese FACE video;he liked it so much he wanted our daughter and I to see it, too.  But if I hadn't seen K.T.'s shots for myself,I wouldn't have REALLY known how good you are.  Your clients are your best publicity!    kim

Your masterpiece is incredibly mind blowing. From your photographs, I can definitely see each persons beauty from within their eyes. You are very talented in what you do.
Keep inspiring.    Joel

Hi Kevyn, WOW!!! I was blown away when i saw Jenna's pictures. Realllllly incredible. I have been acting since i was 6 years old. been thru a lot of photo sessions.. your work is definitely worth being appreciated...     Laki

I'm just writing to say how impressed I am with your work. I'm interesting in new headshots and Blari Taylor at Commercial Talent recommended me talking w/you.  Sam

I saw Laura's pictures and I was so blown away by the" I must meet this person" quality.  I am tired of never being satisfied with headshots, going the cheaper route etc.  I look forward to representing myself with confidence.   Laura

Kevyn you did a headshot for me many years ago. My current shot is now over 5 years old..it's TIME to update. I work constantly and I'm recurring on an NBC sitcom "Scrubs"... I need to get busy!  Joe

I have read your ad numerous times, and I am so impressed I am willing to fly from ohio just to have my headshots done in your studio.  Shba

Dear Mr. Howard, I have wanted to shoot with you since I moved to L.A. a year ago, even though I am a novice, even to me, your headshots stood out above the hundreds I've researched.  Please send me your price list as I have been saving for this day! :)  Thank You in advance.   Carmon

Shoot Date: Jan, 10,2004
Kevin and crew are some of the coolest people I've met.  We cracked jokes, played strip poker, and yea, shot photoshoot.   He definitely makes the environment super comfortable to work in.  I will definitely be making some recommendations to all of my people.  Thanks for the great day.  And don't forget to send me my cherry.  -akume

I am quite intrigued by your work and would love to get my new face shots taken by you! Either way, I'll get them done if I don't get this free give away or not, would love to be shot by your great talent.
Heather P.

A  friend of a friend,not sure of the last name, but she booked a national, a month after her shoot with you.     HELP ME!  Betsy S.

Hello, my name is Skyler. 
I am interested in having my headshots taken by your company.  I was scrolling through your sight and I felt like your company fit me.  There is nothing that can stop me from making my mark on this business.  So I am looking forward to working with you.    Thank You,  Skyler

Robin F.

Hello I'm a student at Stella and Tim told me about you, also you just took pictures of her and I think juliete. Anyway I LOVE your stuff, and i would like to know if we can talk.
Fernanda K.

I am an agent that is interested in speaking with you about shooting some of our actors and my own personal head shot.  Lauren E.    (Referral:  many actors and make-up artist)

 I recently had new pictures taken, and I didn't see anything that my agents or I liked.   I no longer want to settle for mediocre pictures and I believe you can shoot a great headshot I need to get work...  Thank you very much.  Kazumi A.

Your artistry captures the soul . . .Wendee W.

Shoot Date: November 30, 2003
It (the shoot) was so much fun!  Every one of you guys made me feel so comfortable and relaxed.  My mom and I were both so nervous, especially when we couldn't figure out how to get into your house!!!, but every one there was funny and nice.  We tell everyone we know about you and we are go grateful for you working with us so we could have you do my pictures.  I've never had a picture taken that made me feel so good about myself. ( I hope that comes out like I mean it!!).  You guys have a way of making everyone feel special and like you really are interested in them.  Thank you so much.  I can't wait till we can come back again!  You've been such a blessing to us, and we will always be so happy we got to know you and hang out with you for awhile.  I pray God blesses you as much as you bless everyone else!  Take care,  Jessica F.

I was told by Rosannato look at your work. And wow. I love it! You do a great job. I have been working for the leading headshot photographer (in Texas) for about 6 years now (he shoots for the Miss USA system) I have to say. I get so frustrated when I see a photographer touch up a photo so much that it takes on a new form or the client doesn't even look like himself or herself anymore... asa hair &makeup artist you work with many photographers and see good and not so good work.  Your work is clean and I like the use of the natural light you use for your photos. Great job! I'm happy Rosanna is coming to you. I will refer my entire clientele in LA to you. Most of them are in pageantry and usually fly out here to Houston to get done! The clients who can not afford to fly out to Houston... I have just been sending them to Jack Yonn in San Diego. But you are closer and your work is wonderful! I am excited to find ya! Enjoyed your web sight..  Sheila B.

I was led to your website while on yahoo.com...I guess it was meant to be!  I am really interested and very impressed by your work/photography. Your work looks awesome as well as your website &services!  I look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you,   Araceli

Thank you, again for not only taking such good care of my daughter, but also taking those absolutely gorgeous photos of her!!!! It is going to be so hard to choose.  Lisa S.

 Kathleen is one of my best friends, a phenomenal actress and also has worked at an Agency.  Her referral is all I need - I'm ready to shoot the earliest available date.  Stephen H.

I saw you on the face documentary and had a friend take pics with you and i've viewed your website and I am very impressed with how you capture the EYES of a person! ...  Thanks!!  Max

My best friend Edi got into NYU MFA Acting school last year using the best head shot he or I have ever seen.  You took them.  I am getting my MFA in Acting at UCLA because I didn't use you. I would like to now, as I am beginning my film career in Hollywood...  Thanks,  Chad

Kevyn darling. I want to tell you how grateful I am to you and your staff for being on this earth. The first two weeks my pictures went out.i got an audition almost EVERY day!!! I'm here to tell you, I've been averaging maybe ten a year. It is truly amazing!! Don't take this the wrong way because I am crazy as a jay bird myself, but you were like the mad scientist genius photographer.in a fun way. Taking pictures has never been as painless for me. and believe me..THAT is saying alot. for a shy gal like myself to finally get my true spirit captured on film is a miracle. so..i guess that makes you a miracle worker..not a bad label eh? Wishing you great happiness, joy and inner peace for the holidays and always.   your friend forever,  Janet Notey

Hi Kevyn,
I am studying photography at my local college, and have admired your work for some time now. I was wondering if you could maybe give me some helpful tips with shooting people, not so much with technique, but how you get those expressions, from serious to happy. I'm still learning to work with people, and advice from a successful photographer like you could really go a long way with improving my work.Thanks for your time.   Steve S.

Hi guys (Wendy, Ken,Nicole & Kevyn),
I just wanted to thank all of you for going out of your way to help me. This photo shoot was so very important to me, and I very much appreciate your extra efforts and contributing towards making my photos look fantastic! Thank you so very much.   Sincerely,  Camie

I heard about your work from one of your clients I met in the los angeles area. I looked your name up on the internet, and I love your portfolio. I recently had headshots done, but I want the kind of headshot that will instantly attract a person eye....like yours do. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.   DAINA G.

I am in the process of becoming a new Real Estate agent, you were highly recommended. I would like to have my photo done...  Karen C.

Hey I really love your work. I need new headshots an was wondering what it would cost for a digital shoot.
I also love taking headshots of people myself, but I can't seem to get the crisp clear pictures with amazing lighting and color composition that you have in every one of your pictures. Not to mention the fact that however you capture people's eyes gets me utterly captivated with the image. You really are amazing.   Thanks,  - Anthony

Kevyn has an amazing team working with him that can produce the best in professional materials needed by the actor. When it comes to style you go to the House of Dior,when it comes to face, you go to House of Howard. Kevyn has great skill at capturing the face and inviting people to look more closely. His team is state-of-the-art with skill, equipment and creativity. When it comes to tools for the actor, KMH is cutting edge. I know that with my photos, I can work with KMH and address not only casting directors and agents, but the entire industry with confidence. Thank you Kevyn and Ken!"   Ina and Kostya (Konstantin)

I have read through all of your testimonials...wow!! I keep asking myself if anyone can really be this good!!! My family will be traveling from Glendale, Arizona to meet with you. I look forward to speaking/meeting with you!  Veronika L

...Such a great fan of your work. Everyone you have shot at the Lab has been ecstatic. Thanks again.   J.D. Lewis  TheActorsLab@aol.com

Dear Mr. Howard,
We are seeking to learn more about your services and flying to LA to have you take modeling/acting headshots of Amanda - if you are willing. We have carefully studied the work of many photographers throughout the nation and have determined that you are the best in the business. Would you please contact us and tell us about costs and other arrangements that we would need to make. We are from Houston. We appreciate your assistance.  Respectfully,  Amanda and Michael (Dr. J)       

Hi Kevyn,
My friend Keith can not recommend you highly enough --and after viewing the head shots you took of him, I totally understand his enthusiasm! I hope that it will be possible for us to work together too,so please call me at your convenience. Thanks! Sincerely,  Dave W.

Howdy. I admire your work greatly, and I wonder if you could advise me on which lenses you prefer. Your portraits are striking. I hope to exhibit such skill someday... All my best,  Steve F.; Salt Lake City

Dear Mr. Howard,
I shot with your studio in 1993 and your photos literally changed my life...    Retha Jones

...Please tell Kevyn that I (and everyone else I know that I've made sit there and look at 400pictures of me) think the pictures are fantastic. I find getting my picture taken to be an uncomfortable process and not only did the pictures turn out magnificent, but it was relatively painless and fun.
Thanks to all of you for the great experience! Rachel A 

Hello.  I am a photographer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. On the advice of a friend, I just took a look at your website, and I wanted to drop you a line and tell you that I love it. So many photographers overdo.I love your simplicity. Very cool and dramatic without all the bells and whistles, which is how it should be. Congrats and great imagery.   Jennifer Hillenga

Hello Kevyn,
I'm too impatient to wait to thank you again.
I enjoyed working with you and your meticulous standards. Your support staff is equally representative of your professional standard.
I liked it that you didn't talk to me at all when the camera was working. I felt relieved of the pressure I have had from other photographers to push a picture from me. I think you do it the right way, which is to which is to draw it out by implementing your quantifiable skills and gently illuminate what is in front of the lens. Thank you again.   Anita Q.

Kevyn your work is striking! I live in Seattle Washington and discovered your website via the Internet. I'm a young actress looking for professional headshots and prints. I'm interested in your services but I live out of state. I'm also interested in your pricing. Thank you in advance for your time.
Sincerely,   Janalyn H.

I am a Kansas City actress in need of updated headshots...just curious if you do any traveling around the country...or if you could recommend someone in my area. Your work is stunning! Emily T.

Your pictures are spectacular!!!!! i would love to meet you and chat a bit. please give me a call at your earliest convenience. thanks-meredith 

After having shot with you, I came to the conclusion that you are the "George Hurrell" of this century. And for those of you don't know who Hurrell is, he was credited as being one of the greatest headshot/glamour photographers of the 20thcentury, after having photographed some of MGM's biggest stars of his time(like Barrymore, Cagney, and Crawford to name a few). If you haven't shot with Kevyn, you're wasting your time in this industry!
Thanks for the terrific work - much appreciated :)   Regards,   Michael P.

Kevyn, Your images are so so strong man. I've been modeling for awhile now. I've worked with Michael P Perez, Lesley Bohm, Lesley Whitlock, Micheal Medby and still I haven't seen anything like your work. My mother is coming in from missouri and I would love to set up a meeting with you. I want to show her some of your work also. I really hope to work with ya.   ZACH C.

Hi Kevyn:  I wanted to drop you a note thanking you for the information and spending a time talking with me. I think your work is very good and I will recommend you for photography.  Thanks,  Kristi Speiser; Image consultant

 Kevyn, you remember my old pictures that I brought to you? Yuck! Those ones would have never opened the door to The house of Representatives or Don Buchwald Agency. Also, I forgot to mention that I had an audition for "The Division." That was my first audition for an actual television show. My old picture would have never brought me that audition. My old pictures got me auditions for freshman film school student basement productions and weird reality shows that made no sense in reality. (Three women and a man fishing on a yacht with with only 2 rooms getting paid $500 for 4 weeks?! I mean really now.)Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that your professionalism translates into my professionalism. Because you take your business seriously and produce the best headshots, agents and casting directors take me seriously. I'll let you know what happens with the agent search. Thank you so much!! --Sue

Kevyn, I really hate to repeat some of the testimonials at your web site, but I don't know how else to say that these are without question the best head shots I've ever had taken.  The mood you and your staff set at the studio is unlike any experience I've had shooting.It was relaxed, no pressure, and honest. But, and here's the flip, with digital its immediate.
Thanks for the snaps   Michael Edward Rose

Michele,   What can I say...I am pretty blown away by some of these pictures. There are some shots that I just cannot believe how amazingly I have been captured. I have definitely decided that there is a lot to be said for perspective and instead of seeing the negative side that I did yesterday, I am seeing a whole lot more today.  It is going to be hard to choose!  Thank you so much for being so supportive yesterday,  Pamela xoxo  

I guess I just have to face my fears and go with it! I really don't have any doubts about his photography. I was amazed at how there was something about every picture that made me want to get to know that person. I've never seen such engaging photography... all that stuff about the eyes being windows to the soul is right! I'm gonna have to turn down tons of clients!   Melanie - Life Coach

...I have been getting headshots printed for five years here in Los Angeles.and before that, in New York.  And I have never seen the quality printing like I have with Kevyn.  He actually wanted me to sign something saying that if I took my pics to be printed elsewhere that he couldn't be responsible for how they turned out. At that point, I asked if he was f**king kidding me.why would I ever take my pictures anywhere else to get printed!!! He has the best prices,the quickest turn around, the order is always right, I can order online,and the quality is impeccable.  Not only is he the best photographer I have ever shot with in Los Angeles.his printing is the best as well.  I have referred every one of my friends and the ones who do shoot with him are always glad they did.and the ones that don't listen tome and go elsewhere.well, they sit at home with their headshots and wonder why they can't get an agent and/or an audition.  Thanks Kevyn, keep up the good work!!!  Andrea Nittoli
Don't let that go to your head.oh yeah, too late.  P.S. My friend Gina is shooting with you this month.

 Kevyn, THANK YOU SO, SO, SO MUCH for the most wonderful time we had with you last Saturday. Andrew's pictures look SO GREAT! You are truly the most TALENTED and SWEETEST photographer! When I was watching you shoot the gentleman who was there before Andrew, I don't know why but I felt like crying. Your incredible ability to focus on what you are doing, your energy, yet making your client feel so comfortable and be"himself" was just so AMAZING! I was so moved by everything that I saw and felt like a dream when seeing you shoot my son's pictures!

When Andrew had his first headshot taken (the one I gave you) last year, he was so NERVOUS, didn't even know how to pose or how to smile, etc....and the photographer was shouting Andrew, "BIG EYES!"the whole time she was taking his pictures as if she was telling him right in his face that his eyes are NOT ATTRACTIVE ENOUGH because they are simply small. I asked her to shoot him outside, but she told me that wouldn't work with Andrew because of his "slunt eyes." She said, his eyes would be even smaller under the sunlight and wouldn't look good. I was so disappointed. I even began to think that maybe Andrew doesn't have "looks"that is good enough to be an actor.

And one night I happened to find your web site and as I told you in my first email I was SO IMPRESSED. I was impressed with your works, your idea and about the whole concept. I just thought I HAD TO meet with you.

I was somewhat nervous about digital photo shoot because I didn't know anything about it until I visited your web site but now I am CONFIDENT that I made the RIGHT and the BEST decision ever. Yes,you are right. We should do the right thing THE FIRST TIME. (Well, we learned that the most expensive way!)
My husband was also SO IMPRESSED with your talent and all of us truly enjoyed every minute of the time we were there with you. Thank you also for being so patient about every request that we made. (shooting him flipping in the air, etc...) You made everything possible through your heart and talent.

Ken, thank you so much for your help on our computer setting and for putting them in the web site for us to see. No wall the pictures look so CLEAR and we truly ENJOY them all!

Kevyn, can you imagine how EXCITED Andrew was when he saw his pictures jumping off the mailbox and turning upside in the air?You got him in the perfect timing! And I also wanted to let you know that all the friends in his high school LOVED your pictures, too. Andrew only told a couple of his close friends about his temporary web site but somehow so many people ended up visiting the web site to see the proofsheet. Girls went crazy (lol) and one of the girls (I don't even know who she is) told Andrew that she is OBSESSED with the pictures! (lol)

We are looking forward to seeing you again!

 ...Your more than talented and I appreciate your knowledge and mentality of using what you see to get those expressive wonderful eye shots.   The eyes are the window to our souls.Your work definitely tells us all stories! Again, thanks for expanding in your craft and for sharing it with the world.

Please let me know your thoughts.... I'm based in Las Vegas but can travel to LA.

Images attached....

Kindest regards,
Lisa Marie Richards


I was recently watching ‘Alien Nation' again (I love that movie) and I
recognized you through the make-up.  I said to myself, ‘Hey, it's that guy
who was in Sudden Impact and Full Metal Jacket'. I did a little web surfing
this afternoon and found your photography website.  Very impressive work. 

But the real reason I'm contacting you is to pay you a compliment on your
acting.  In the movies I've seen you in, you've stood out as a solid
performer who seems completely natural in the roles.  As someone who is
striving to grow as an actor, I always watch for good performances and try
to learn from them.

Kevin Knights

Hi Kevyn!

Excellent web site!
Very impressive!


Thanks Kevyn.  I emailed a few of the pictures to my family up north and they've gotten rave reviews.  I'm so pleased with them.  Once I narrow them down to a few pictures, which I'll hopefully do within the next couple days, I'll give you a call regarding printing them on your new printer. 
Again, thank you so much.  I'm really amazed by your work, and everyone keeps saying what incredible pictures they are.


Kevyn, thank you for the opportunity to experience your incredible work, and your true inspiration of confidence. 


Dear Mr Howard,
I was wondering if you ever travel to the Washington DC or New Orleans areas to shoot .  I've searched the internet and your work is so far superior to everything else I've seen I can't even believe it.  My daughter is a freshman theatre major at Tulane university and I've already told her that one of her graduation presents will be a flight out to LA and a session with you.  But if you happen to be heading down to Mardi Gras or have friends in DC (our home town) and you wanted to write it off as a business expense let us know.
Thank you.
Gaye Pauroso 

Hi Kevyn,   Thank you again for the very informative and candied discussion about Headshots.  I have decided to have you take my headshots...  
Take care and thanks again.  See you soon.  :)  
Pascale Gigon
Financial Administrator
Warner home Video - Domestic

Hi Kevyn,
The documentary was great and your new website is fantastic.  I am really excited and look forward to working with you....

Have a great day!


It was a wonderful experience working with you. And the results are truly "proof in the pudding." Everyone
is raving about these pictures. I mean, they're really really really impressed with your work. My agent was
ecstatic that there were so many good pictures to choose from.

I can't believe you got the printer! You are truly a dedicated person. I've actually already ordered some
dupes, but I do need more...

Christine On

Hey Kevyn!
Just wanted to say thanks for the great pictures you took of me...I am performing in a show now and everything is going well!  I have had an awesome response and owe it to you..........


Annette Anderson :)


There I am, flipping through Backstage West and your name underneath "Headshots, The Actor and You" catches my eye. I send congrat's to you on directing. I know you've been seeking that out in the last couple of years.  If there is anyone who has an eye to see how things are to be put together,
it's you.... Good job!

Hope everything else is going well.


Hi Kevyn-

The photo shoot was awesome!  You have some amazing people working with you.  I will probably have picture decisions the beginning of next week.  There are too many to choose from!  You are amazing.

I'll be in touch.

Best Regards-Lysa

Oh my God!!!  There are so many great photos to choose from...
Have a great week,
Michelle Rae

 Hey Sugar!

The website looks fantastic! Finally, someone in this town who understands the
power of the internet as a business tool... what a concept eh??......



Hey Kevyn,

Well after reading your bio, I am in the same boat you were 20-something years ago. After wasting so much cash on trying to get the right photo over the past 3 years, I'm really running out of possibilities here. I've tried taking the photos myself, but your story really impressed me and it seems you've got what I need to get an agent to represent me. I've been getting by with the pics I have, but only getting student and graduate and the occasional non-union film, it's good for practice and reel footage, but competing with todays wannabe actors, these photos just aren't cutting it. Plus I think I'd be very comfortable working with you, I mean you were a memorable character from one of my favorite Kubrick films, you saved Joker/Modine's life in that one...

Jeff Eveleth


Saw my pictures last night!  You did some great sh$#!...

Laura Niemi

Kevyn -

Thanks for taking so much time with me on Saturday...it was great to
meet you.  There is just no other option than to go with you - you are
indeed the best.  I would like to go digital...  Thanks! 

Laurel Sherwood

When I discovered my dear friend Angela Lark has an appt with you to do headshots, I screamed with delight! Being an award winning & pro m/u artist for 17years I was ecstatic to hear the news. I know you are the BEST! You work reminds me of Hurrel and your lighting techniques are beyond compare.Bravo!  I cant wait to see her shots. I know they will be brilliant and off the hook.  Keep up the standard of excellence! Angela is beautiful but now she's going be a BOMBSHELL!
Anna Marco

Thanks for giving us such great shots AND for for making it such a
Krystal Solomon

Hello Kevyn.  I checked out your webpage!!  UNBELIEVABLE. I am looking forward to shooting with you.  I am excited....

Kimmarie Johnson

First and foremost, THANK YOU!  Your brilliance, vision and and warm personality made my session a profoundly enjoyable experience.   On top of all that, I came out with a kick ass set of shots.  That you have secured the elusive Printer of the Gods is great news to hear--I can only imagine your euphoria over having that in house now.  I have selected a preliminary handful of shots, and I would love to hear your input on the selections.

Keith Birkfeld

Dear Kevyn,

    I've been meaning to write this letter for quite a while now.  I
wanted to thank you for not only taking incredible pictures of me, but for
encouraging me to join the Beverly Hills Playhouse,which I did.  I've been
in Jocelyn Jones' class since January and needless to say it's changed my
Warm Regards,
Amanda Jordan

  Hey, I just visited your website and oh boy,those are some great
pictures.  I mean really...I've been surfing the net for week for good
photographer and your work really stands out. Not that I'm an expert but
for what its worth I'm truly flabbergasted by those pics. I think you being
an actor as a tremendous influence on your photographs.

Jeremy Bouvet

"As a film maker, I have to go through tons of headshots to pick the right actor for each role. A great headshot
is the key to getting your foot in the door. It's amazing to me how easily I can spot a headshot taken by
Kevyn Major Howard out of the pile. Kevyn's shots are always crystal clear and beautiful--they seem to bring
out the best features of the actor. It seriously astonishes me that his photos are so good. In
comparison, it's hard for the other actors to compete if all I'm going on is their headshots. Sometimes, I
even wonder how they could pay money for the pictures they have when I look at the pictures they could have gotten from Kevyn. I guess some people are just lucky to have found such a great photographer.I feel bad for the ones who haven't."

Jeremy Pollack
Pollack pictures, Inc.

I have NEVER been so satisfied in my life (as a"consumer" that is, he he)!!!  K.M.H.=K.I.N.G.!!!  All I can say is "Oh my gosh! Thank you! Awesome!" 

I n a   B a r r o n

Hey it's Dana....I forgot to tell ya'll I've got 2more auditions this next week so far......that's 5 in the past 2 1/2 weeks.


Off of only 33 headshot press kits sent out, I have gotten 4 invitations, one already offered me a contract for both theatrical and Commercial representation.  The other three I have not met with yet, but have strong feelings it will lead to at least two more offers.  My career consultant had me audition for two other agents,leading to a second meeting today. I was offered both Theatrical and commercial representation.  These are all very reputable agencies.
On top of that, All this prompted a friend to make calls today to "the big 4" agencies to try and get me appointments.  I will have lots of decisions to make but I am honored to be in a position to do so.  Finally!  I never knew I was such a hot commodity!  This is kind a fun!  I have told a couple of agents I would need a bit more time to consider the best option though I am humbled an honored by their request for me.

Ken & Kevyn,

Thank you so much for the wonderful shoot on Sunday.  You really have a
wonderful talent for projecting me as I am.  Bravo!

I'm really looking forward to have you prepare prints for me also...

Gary Wright

Dear Kevyn,
I spent days and hours searching the internet for a photographer..... I reviewed over 50websites carefully - but nothing truly inspired me.
Then I found YOU. And now I'm inspired! Being a singer/songwriter/musician - I go purely with instinct and emotion. Your work instantly touched me. What I love about your photos are the "eyes"(the windows to the soul).... There's such beauty and simplicity to your work!
Thanks a million-
I look forward to booking a photo-shoot with you!

Thank You so much! I have never looked so Good!  You captured the REAL me!
You really have an amazing thing going on behind that camera.  Your the

the shots are fantastic.  you are truly a brilliant artist.  i'm sure you've heard it before but i tell ya, i wish i had come to you a long time ago!  ...  Thanks again for the tremendous work and i'll talk to you soon.


Hello everyone,

Just a note to let everyone know that I will be leaving for the Caribbean tomorrow to finish filming the Film "Pirates of the Caribbean". I'll be back sometime next month. You may e-mail if you wish, as I may have internet capabilities down there. It could be a while though in between responses. Hope everyone is doing well and I'll be in touch. Take care.

David Patykewich

I wanted to write you and say thanks for an eye opening meeting yesterday.  I must have sat in my car in the parking lot for 20 minutes after I left just thinking about what I had gone through.  Just a few minutes into Amanda's (is that her name?)question grilling session I'm sure it was obvious how personal acting was to me - it was written all over my face.  There were moments when I wanted to look at you and say, "Who the hell is this girl?", questioning my work ethic, challenging my desire, my drive.  She doesn't know me from Adam, she doesn't know the hours I've put in, my sacrifices, mistakes i've made and learned from so that I don't make them again.  But it was my heightened emotional state throughout the entire interview that reminded me who I am - an actor with passion.  Someone who is in it for the long haul, the process and the reward of sharing.  She asked me, "Why don't you want to make $1,000,000 an episode on a sitcom?". My answer wasn't that I don't want to, but that the money will come if the acting is there.  I'm driven by successful acting not money.  I can think of several $1,000,000 actors who I would embarrass on stage, and conversely, several classmates who have never done a paying film that I would feel intimidated to work with.
Yesterday I didn't know what to expect, but it wasn't that.  However, ask me if I'd have wanted it any other way - I'd say no.  You got me thinking and if anything lit yet another of the proverbial "fires" under my backside.  Thanks for the opportunity to talk and connect, it's important to me not only as an actor but a person.
Damian Cecere

I was thumbing through photographer websites on theactorspost.com site and
saw your portfolio, which I consider very compelling.  My graduating
students will be looking for headshots this Fall ...Thanks.
Robert Cohen
Claire Trevor Professor of Drama, UC Irvine

Kevyn --

Thank you so much for everything yesterday,especially for spending so much time with me.  I really really appreciate it.  The very first shot on the website is my favorite, or as you guys say, my "money shot."  I definitely have a lot of different looks to choose from and have my work cut out for me. 

Thanks again, and I will be in touch.

Christina Dow

Hi Kevyn! 
Here's something I wanted to say about your fabulous pics for your
testimonial page...

Kevyn is the white knight that rescued me from the throngs of inadequate
photographers, wasted money,and having to get new pictures every year
because the ones I had were, well, just not right.  Kevyn's pictures were
exactly what I had been looking for all these years but could never seem to
find.  My pictures are accurate, yet exceedingly complimentary.  They are
the best investment I have made so far in my acting career.  -Cheri

Hope that's a good quote!  Let me know when you would like to do that other
shoot you mentioned.....Take care,

Love your work.  I'm a finance exec who wants shots for my business and promotions. Can you give me an idea of how you charge and where you're located (I'm working in Burbank)? Thanks! Matthew G. Story
Touchstone Finance
Tie line 8460 I/c 46
(818)460-6422 voice
(818)460-5629 fax
500 SouthBuena Vista,
Burbank, CA 91521-4086

... You have wonderful work and the TLC piece showed me a rare behind the scenes look at the artist as you worked.

This will help me get that much better.

Thanks in advance,


I was writing you to find out about your prices. I live in northern california, but after doing research, there's not another photographer that I would like to take my head shots. I am trying to get into acting, and I know that one of the first steps that I should take, is to get a good head shot. Right now, I am finishing up beauty school, and I graduate on August 22nd. Since I will have an open schedule between August 22nd, and September 17th, I was wondering if it would be at all possible to schedule a consultation with you, and hopefully a photo session around that same time.  If you can, please let me know if you have any openings coming up. thanks so much.
- Leah Childers -

I just saw your "latest work" on your site.wow!

The pictures you took of me got Sony records interested in my music and I got a few new songs paid for and hopefully a big record deal soon! Anyway,thank you so much! You made my CD pictures look wonderful and lots of people are constantly asking who did them.THANK YOU SO MUCH!
luv ya!

Rebekah Peace


Just thought I would comment on your photography.Truly beautiful work.

Carol Ann


The pics came out great! I still have to stop by to show you.

Gina Hiraizumi

Hey, your web site is awesome!

Your pics of Jeff Young were incredible! Thank you so much Kevyn for helping him really launch his career! You should have individual testimonials on here too...because your shots have always brought me lots of work. My agent, LA Models, we recently talked and of all the models in the older division, I book more of the big contract jobs than just about any other woman... which is really cool....

Thanks so,so,so,so much,


From AOL TOS representative:

Kevyn...... we at AOL,generally, have a rule against advertising. I'm *struggling* with this one...... because you are definitely advertising. I could "hide" your post and report you for a TOS/Advertising violation........ But I wont!
You are, obviously, a professional in your craft......And most likely a valuable/viable contact in "The Industry". Also, I believe you may be a wealth of information.

Do me a favor, and make your advertising a little less blatant! Ok?
I'm taking a chance of getting"chewed out" by my bosses here..... But it's a rare occasion when a *true*professional frequents our boards.
Awesome B&W PICS on your site.

Dear Mr. Howard,

I am looking at your website right now and I really enjoy your work. I agree with what you say about the model, photographer,picture and your overview of the whole subject.

I am writing to tell you that i think your page is very well done and that I enjoy your photography. Ina way I am where you were at one time, when you first started out. My name is Jacob Weisman and I am currently studying photography at the Hallmark Institute in Massachusetts. I am nineteen and really trying to do something with my future. I am very interested in photographing people and would love to fulfill my dream of photographing musicians. I look at you and what you've done and although I do not know you, I respect you. I would be very thankful for any guidance and advice pertaining to following my dreams. Thank you so much for your time and keep on going!

Jacob Wiesman


I saw you on TLC with John Cleese over the weekend.The simplicity of your setups caught my attention. I am an amateur photographer in the everlasting search for the perfect picture and your web site has just that. I have been experimenting with different studio lighting, some with good results.
The tones and contrast of your images is just amazing. I really enjoyed them.

Carlos Prieto


Your page and photos are wonderful. You don't need me to tell you that, but it is always nice to hear.
I saw you ( along with millions I am sure) on TLC The Face program. I am interested in finding out more information on having a 'head' shot done for me whether I become sought after or not, your shots are spectacular.



I saw you on John Cleese's program about the human face and thought I'd take a look at your work. I will certainly use you as an example of how to combine theory and practice to get results that are not only technically expert, but in the end artful too.
If only our light in DC was as consistent! Let me know if you ever come east or need anything in DC. I will also refer a couple of my models to you as they frequent LA.

Krist Bender


Your page is really fascinating. I saw other photographer's pictures on the internet and none of them can really be compared to yours. The photos are so detailed yet simple and I think that's really cool. I was wondering if the people in the pictures do their own makeup and if they would look as good as they do without makeup. I was also wondering if you did headshots for children, teenagers,African-Americans or Asian-Americans. I don't see those on your page and I was just curious. I would really appreciate your reply.


Hi Kevyn,

What does a person have to do to get their face on this site? I got my proof sheets back and there quite a few that I like.I've left a message regarding getting together with you to pick out one for my head shot. I know you're a busy man and I will wait for you to get back to me. But I'm kind of impatient, so please call soon!!
Great web site by the way, I can't believe it took me this long to look at it. Oh by the way, did you know that they (TLC) is showing an encore presentation of the "Faces" special? In case you don't remember, that was how I got your name.
Let's talk soon,

Alysia (Lisa) Hudson

Hi Kevyn,

First of all, I love your work!
My mom (Joleen) heard my opinion of your photography and subsequently purchased a gift certificate from you this past Christmas. Now, I'm finally free to make the trip from Denver to L.A. next month.

Tony Demori

Wonderful. Genius. I got more than my $$ worth.You got a real gift.
Thanks again,

Mike Joiner

Hi Kevyn,

The pictures turned out great! Kristin got one audition right away for a Target commercial.
Thanks again,


Hello Kevyn.

Now I definitely remember looking at your site. I really
like the one in your new work. (the girl with the curly hair and the baby
one) and you were right i'll just go ahead and do it right the first time.


Hey Kevyn~

I saw a blurb about your garage photography on E and did not realize you not only played a photographer in Full Metal Jacket but actually are one. Your website is fantastic, my God what great work you do!
Thank you,

Gayleen Brown


I saw it (TLC Show). It was great. Seriously, I really enjoyed it. Both Danica and I both went crazy when we saw you on T.V. I thought you gave a tremendous interview, and we were both happy to see that you still wore your golf shoes during the taping. Anyway, I'd love to see you at the show. Hope things are well and congrats again on the show.



I am very impressed with the quality of your work.
Thanks for your time.

Greg Hain
TM Design Lab

The eyes say it all! Thanks,



Guess what my agent said about your pictures? She sent me an email saying, "We have a very big problem with those proofs. They're too good." it took us almost three weeks of correspondence before we could pick one. I'm picking up my headshots today. I'd like to show you my proofs and see what you think, and what you think of the one I chose it wasn't the one my agent chose but she liked my choices.



The pictures turned out incredible. Everyone loved them. They were really fantastic and I think you are an extraordinarily talented man.


Greetings! I found your link from LA Casting, but I found the link to LA Casting from Google.com. You're portfolio is very impressive, and upon seeing it, I'm not sure I can settle for any other photographer. I am inquiring on your prices of Actor headshots including makeup and hair. I would like to know the prices for both digital and film(separately), if it isn't too much trouble.

Thank you very much for any information you can provide me, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


I live in Florida but plan to make a trip to LA seeking a photographer,Agent etc. for my Son who will be moving there. We are doing a lot of homework for this trip. Your website,photographs and information is very impressive!   Janette N

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